D.W. Cee

Author of Indelible Love

(All) About Me

Here’s the page that’ll tell you (almost) all you’ve ever wondered about me.

4 Responses to (All) About Me

  1. Wanda Duncan says:

    Your books are perfect the way they are! Please don’t listen to people and put ‘trash’ in the stories.

  2. Gwen Johnson says:

    Infidelity tends to breed in monotony. The monotony of motherhood and homemaking. Jake is living the dream, but is Emily? As most women, she is a lot stronger than you think. Remember she left Jake and started a new life in a new land, that take strength.

  3. Cathy says:

    No! No! No! I do NOT want to see infidelity exist between Jake & Emily because their love for one another is exceptional and I want to keep it that way. I don’t think poor Emily could cope with infidelity!

  4. Gwen Johnson says:

    I loooove your books! I would like to make a suggestion, could you write in an infidelity and resolution between Jake and Emily. Jake moves in another direction with career (very common with MDs), finds an affinity with another female. Emily feels overwhelmed, trapped and tired with the demands of family. She turns to Max for comfort and solice. While Jane also becomes too career-oriented, Max feels neglected.

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