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AGE 10 – Summer Break

I believe I mentioned that I love the water? We swim a lot in the summer time. We usually go to Gram’s backyard to swim because she has the biggest pool and because my daddy and uncles put in a humongo slide in Gram’s pool. There are actually three slides built in a crazy, curvy, swurvy way that criss-cross above and below each other, and eventually straighten out to a side-by-side-by-side slide. Sammy, who is my age, and I are on this slide, daily. Today, almost every cousin on the block decided to join us and we had a gigantic party. The water guns were out, all the floaties were blown up and we lounged, played water tag, cannonballed into the pool, and had water slide races. I love summer. What about no homework, no school, and no mom nagging me about studying wouldn’t I like? Doug and I are going to some camp in a few weeks, but for now life is good. And of course, it got better the moment Donovan stepped into the backyard with Jake and cannonballed into the pool. We all gave them a wide berth and Donovan popped up right next to me!

     “Hello, little girl. How have you been?”
     “I’m good. How are you, Donovan?”
     “Great now that I see you!” Gaaawwwddd! Could he be anymore perfect??? “Whatcha’ got planned for the summer?”
     “I’m going to swim every day till Mom ships us off to the East Coast for three weeks for some summer camp. Then I’ll be right back here, swimming again.”
     “I’ll be in the East Coast as well doing an internship. What state are you going to be in?”
     “Um…Michigan? Minnesota? Montana? Dunno. Can’t remember which state, but it starts with an M.”
     Donovan started guffawing. “None of those states are on the East Coast. Those are more Midwestern states. Maybe Maine?”
     “Maybe. Who knows? I just know that Mom and Dad are getting rid of us so they can take a vacation without us. I heard they’re going to be all over Europe. Dad’s taking a few weeks off from the hospital and vacationing ‘in peace.’” I curled my two forefingers and two middle fingers and made the quotation marks while saying the words, “in peace.” Donovan laughed even harder. “What’s an internship?” I asked.
     “It’s where you work, but don’t get paid.”
     “Why would you or anyone want to do that?” Maybe Donovan wasn’t as smart as I thought he was. Why would anyone be tricked into working for no dinero? Even I knew that wasn’t a smart thing to do.
     “It’s so I can get experience in a certain field to determine whether or not I want to work in that field.”
     “Are you going to be gone the whole summer?”
     “I am, little girl. I’ll miss your smiling face and genius-sized vocabulary.” Oh my gosh! He would miss me! Maybe he likes me like I like him? “Hop on my back, little girl. Let’s go challenge your cousin Jake to a water slide contest.”
     Of course I got on his back and stayed on his back as long as I could. Donovan’s younger sisters were so lucky to have such a great big brother. He was so much fun to be with. I doubt he bugged them like Doug bugged me. After beating both Donovan and Jake on the slide three out of five times, I hopped up on his back, and Donovan started spinning me like crazy. Sammy was on Jake’s back and both of them started spinning us in the pool.
     “Donovan, stop! I’m really dizzy.”
     “Just hold on a little bit longer, Delaney. We have to beat Jake and Sammy. We need to be the last two standing in this dizzy contest.”
     Being the competitor that I was, I wanted to win and I didn’t want to let Donovan down. I held on, closed my eyes and tried to think of something that would make me less dizzy. Finally, Donovan stopped and we both collapsed into the water. Immediately, I could feel the throw-up coming up my throat. I walked/ran as fast as I could in the pool to try to get to a restroom.
     “What’s the matter?” Donovan stopped me as I got up on the first step. I did my best to get my wrist out of his hand, but he held it tighter the more I fought it. “You okay?”
     I turned around quickly to tell him that I was sick and that I needed to throw up, but as I started saying those words, the most horrifying thing happened to me. I threw up on myself, first. And if that didn’t make me want to die right then and there, as Donovan tried to step back and get away from me, I let out the most God-awful projectile throw-up right on his head and face.
     I ran away from everybody, leaving a trail of throw-up, all the way to the pool house. God, just kill me now!

13 Responses to AGE 10 – Summer Break

  1. cyncaa says:

    Poor Laney. I really love her character. She jumps off the page. I loved Donovan before (even through the Jane fiasco) but I’m with Laney right now all goo eyed!! Sigh!!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Poor Laney!! 🙂

    I love the family dynamics even at such a young age.,

  3. Ellen Christensen says:

    Poor Laney! I felt so bad for her, but, on the other hand, Donovan deserved what he got. That was too funny.
    Love, love, love these entries! Can’t wait for the entire book.

  4. DCT says:

    As we say in the South, Bless her heart! lol. Each blog just makes me love Laney even more. All her imperfections not only make her human, but they make her “perfect”. DW, any ideas for the time table of when we can expect the release? Can hardly wait!

  5. Cjeh says:

    Funny as always. Oh my gawwwwdddddd. When will you stop punishing us.. Pls let us buy the whole book. Ill even pay double…

  6. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    Poor Laney, guess love can truly conquer all, lol

  7. Maria says:

    Mortifying and so funny! I really like this style of writing. I’m seeing Donovan reading these diary entries with a smirk on his face laughing and wincing with emotions reliving his youth his feelings back then and now for Delaney.

  8. Karen says:

    brilliant post, love Laney, can’t wait to see more of the story.

  9. Theresa :) says:

    I’ve always thought Jake was perfect, but now I’m starting to think Donovan is a little more perfect!! To much perfection!!

  10. Jodi says:

    OMG that is sooooo bloody funny.

  11. Laurie says:

    So horrible but so funny! I love Laney! =)

  12. Katie says:

    bahahahahaha I just knew she was going to puke on him. I think Laney is my new favorite character.

  13. Edie says:

    I’m laughing so hard may not be able to sleep!

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