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AGE 10 – Spring Break

(Just because I am tired of editing…)

Can you believe my luck??? Daddy says we are going to Hawaii – the Big Island this time – when we could be camping with Jake’s family and Donovan’s family‼! I begged and begged, but Daddy says he doesn’t camp. Who wants to go to the Big Island and stay at some place with a weird name like Four Seasons Hulahula, or something like that, when you can sleep in tents and see a bear in Yosemite?

     “But Dad!” Jane had her own complaints. “Why are we going camping instead of Paris this spring? I don’t want to sleep on the ground. I don’t want to shower in a public place. And I don’t want to take all these long hikes you keep mentioning.”
     “Sweetheart, it’ll be a lot of fun. I promise! This will probably be the last time the entire family can get together, both for us and for the Taylors. We will rent two large RVs and spend ten days in nature.”
     TEN days with Donovan??? Why Jane and not me??? WAAAHHHH‼! I really wanted to cry.
     It was a bummer to be in Hawaii with just the four of us, but I had to admit, it was fun. I got to parasail, and surf and take water skiing lessons. We went to a luau and saw the big volcano. Doug bugged me so much on this trip I thought I was going to go coo coo for cocoa puffs. But overall, it was fun to be in Hawaii, again. I hope Jane won’t brag about her trip to Yosemite when I see her. I so don’t want to hear about her and Donovan!

9 Responses to AGE 10 – Spring Break

  1. cyncaa says:

    Oh. The rivalry for Mr. Taylor stems from way back when. Loved it but way too short. Waaaaahhh

  2. DCT says:

    DW, I have loved all of the wonderful characters that you have created for us throughout this amazing journey; but there is something extra special about Laney. She is so dimensional, she just leaps off the page (or screen, if you will). I can’t wait to completely delve into her mind and watch her blossom into the beautiful woman that she will become. Thanks DW

  3. Theresa :) says:

    Laney is just too funny!!
    And this read was such a tease!

  4. Karen says:

    Very short post would have liked a bit more … Can’t wait for the book to be released.

  5. Stacee says:

    Slop can not wait for this book. Love when monday comes and there is a new post.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the extra treat!!

    Poor Laney had to go to Hawaii instead of sleeping on the ground!! 😉 (still love Jane when she complains though!!)

  7. Edie says:

    I’m coo coo for cocoa puffs waiting for this book! Waaaaah:)

  8. Cjeh says:

    Waaaaah..that was it? I need more.. Pls pls pls

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