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A Really Happy Day!

INDELIBLE LOVIN WEDDINGI have amazing news for everyone, especially Kindle Reiders.

First – I’ve pulled up the release date for MJ’s Wedding from 11/25/2014 to 10/19/2014!

Second – Kindle has finally relented. They’re allowing us indies to offer pre-orders!!! Here it is. Pre-order away and email me (dw@dwcee.com) your screenshots of the pre-ordered page. I’ll send you chapters 1 & 2 of MJ’s Wedding, like I did for iBooks Reiders. It MUST SPECIFY that the book has been PRE-ORDERED. Please check your screenshots before sending it to me. Give me a week or so to collect everyone’s screenshots. I’ll send out the chapters at the end of next week.

Happy Days! (Sorry, Nook Reiders. 🙁 )

2 Responses to A Really Happy Day!

  1. Yes!!!!! I got my pre order in and can’t wait. I have loved all your books. Will miss when the Reid, Taylor, and Davis’s come to and end.

  2. Karmine says:

    Oh my god!!! My happy day has become even happier after reading this!!! YES! FINALLY KINDLE GET TO PRE-ORDER! *does the happy dance!*

    Thank you for letting us know DW Cee, and I’ll definitely Pre-Order in a couple of days when I get my paycheck!

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