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A little help, please?

Indelible Love bundleI’m trying to compile all the Reid extras I’ve written the past two years to send out to those who’ve purchased the Indelible Love Bundle, and I have a problem. I’ve forgotten what I’ve written. To my chagrin, record keeping is NOT my forte and there are random writing all over my computer.

Thus far, I’ve found Jake’s Reception and Wedding Night (from the paperback book), Delaney and Donovan’s Valentines Day, The Taylor’s First Christmas, Emily’s Mother’s Day Surprise, and Christmas with Elizabeth Reid, et al (this is a new one). Am I missing any stories? Since these were all ones I’ve emailed (except for the first and last on my list), and since many of you know my writings better than I do (many a time), I thought I’d ask for help.

If you know of any other stories I’ve sent you as a random act of kindness, would you mind returning the kindness and informing me what these stories are? Thanks!

5 Responses to A little help, please?

  1. Karen says:

    Chapter 3 Jane: The (un)Willing Guests
    Max & Jane Teaser
    NPA Teaser
    These are the 3 that I still have copies of.

  2. Karen Hrdlicka says:

    I’ll check my computer when i get home tonight. I have something printed out that came with the paperbacks I ordered. I work until 8 or so tonight but can check when I get home

  3. Rahab Njogu says:

    I don’t think I have recieved any of them and would appreciate getting them as am a die hard Reid/Taylor 🙂

  4. I will look back at my stuff, however, I agree with Ellen…

  5. Ellen Christensen says:

    I think that’s everything, or at least everything I’ve received. I akways enjoy any extra goodies you send out.

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