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A dilemma, a decision and a dare

Dilemma – I have a few dilemmas with posting on Monday mornings now with this preorder option. I realize that many of you were able to get sample downloads of Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story. Because the book is so long, the 10% sample you got was only the tip of the iceberg, but that makes my Monday posts redundant since many of you have read it already. Then there’s also the dilemma of Kindle readers who have not received this sample download. What to do, what to do?

Decision – I decided to stop posting the diary entries on Mondays. BUT instead, I’ll post the entire sample download plus more on my website…

Dare – Here’s where you come in. It’s always fun to have a contest to stir up excitement level. I’m challenging you ladies to get me to 1000 likes on Facebook and I will post 10%  of UA (for those of you who haven’t downloaded) and another few more diary entries/percent (for those of you who have). Challenge begins now and will run till the end of this Wednesday.

Failure is not an option, Ladies! 1000 likes or wait till Oct. 24th!

6 Responses to A dilemma, a decision and a dare

  1. Just read the sample of UA and OMG I can’t wait , I see now why Delaney was acting that way towards Donovan , can’t wait to see how this ends !! Excited

  2. DCT says:

    DW, I’m a Kindle reader, so I am patiently waiting for Oct 24, I have it marked on my calendar so there is not chance that I will forget. I’m not big on the whole social media thing, but I will share with my reader friends that are, that they should become Reiders and become your friend. Can hardly wait!!!!!

  3. Ellen Christensen says:

    I preordered, (not something I do on a regular bsis) on Nook. Alas and woe is me, there is no download option! I’m like Karmine, I really like having my ebooks in one app, so I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and wait. I will miss my Monday morning “fix”

  4. Bonnie says:

    I preordered, but didn’t realize I could download a sample… :-/
    Now I have a canundrum….. Should I download or should you give us the Mondays back….. 🙂

    Things are just so much better when you are involved though DW!!

  5. Karmine says:

    Ugh! That is a dilemma DW Cee! I’m a Kindle readers, but it’s not like I don’t have an option to download the sample in my iBooks, but I prefer to have all my eBooks in one place, meaning Kindle…Then, here’s SoCalAmmy, I like her idea too, since waiting 24 more days until we can finally read UA in one go sounds good as well, but I’ll miss the Monday blogs. I guess I’ll take you up on your challenge DW Cee! 🙂

  6. SoCalAmmy says:

    Wait til October 24th! That way we don’t have to stop reading!!!
    Good idea, don’t you think? I DO!

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