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A Challenge

Hello Friends!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.  It showed a more emotional side of Jane, and you can see exactly where her heart is – as tempting as Donovan Taylor can be at times.

I got a wonderful email from a reader this morning that coincided with a blog I wrote last night, so I thought I’d take her advice and issue this challenge.  But before I do, I want to explain a few things.  I’ve loved watching the growth of my readership and the attention I’ve been getting with iBooks and Amazon.  I’ve sold enough books to make it in the contemporary romance bestseller list in the US and UK, both in iBooks and Kindle, and iBooks has also featured me in their Romance Under $5 list.  Australia/NZ has me in their all time best seller, break-out book list and recent bestseller list PLUS, something very exciting is about to happen over there but I can’t let you know just yet.  I feel like I’m almost there but still definitely on the outside, looking in.  I hope to keep this momentum going with my books / blogs / followers.  But I guess in this day and age with all the social media, I’ve got to ask you for some help, because social media is not my forte.  My kids always laugh at me when I don’t hashtag properly and my 10 year old daughter is forever telling me I need to add an @ when I call attention to someone.  So, here I am issuing a challenge / asking you for help!

Last night, I finished writing a 04-19-2012 blog from Max’s POV called, The end…again.  This is going into the Indelible Lovin’ book along with many other blog entries from Max.  This will not be like Jake’s Story where you get his point of view of the same story.  These blog entries will be entirely new, and they will NOT be published on my website.  You have to buy the book to be able to read Max’s blogs.  (Hehehe – where the capitalistic me comes in :))

If you all can get me 100 likes on Facebook and 100 followers on Twitter by the end of Sunday, I’ll release this blog on my website.  I’d love to get more people reading the blog and eventually the books as well.  Thanks in advance!

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