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Only 4 days left!

Don’t forget to turn in your reviews of Perfect Harmony and Unfinished Melody by the end of Sept. in exchange for becoming a 10,000 Reasons beta Reider! Last chance…


Looking for Beta Readers + My New Favorite Book Cover!

EstellesStory4COPYI think I mentioned this last week??? Goodness, life is so hectic, I can’t remember beyond what’s right in front of me. Before I talk about beta reading, let me give you an update on my house remodel.

The pool is done. Actually, a large crew came in and finished in three days. My kids have been happily lounging in the pool just about daily. Two out of three bathrooms are also on its way toward completion, the foundation was laid and a frame was built for the garage extension, and now I am trying to pick out paint colors. As for packing, I’ve been trying to do a few boxes per day. Maybe I’ll get the bulk of it done this weekend? I don’t know. I feel like a chicken with its head chopped off.

OK, onto happier topics…I have 12 1/2 more blogs to write to finish Michael & Chloe’s Story. Writing one a day should allow me to reach my end-of-September goal. I have a stunning new cover for Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story! I love, love, love this cover. It is now my new favorite and judging by the comments and likes on FB, I’m assuming you approve. I’d like to have this story for pre-order soon and released on Christmas Day, but I’m unsure if that’s a realistic timeline. I am not anywhere close to finishing Estelle’s Story and it gets longer (in my mind) by the day. I’ll keep you posted on this one. As for the book I shouldn’t be working on–10,000 Reasons–that one is still writing itself.

I mentioned last week that I will be turning this into a serial for 2016? The first book is done and I’m eagerly writing the second one. With this serial, I’d love to try having beta readers. If you’re interested, all you have to do is send a screenshot of your reviews for Unfinished Melody AND Perfect Harmony. I cannot include you unless I have both. It doesn’t matter where you post your reviews. All I ask is that it be a genuine (worded) review. I will accept reviews until the end of September. Send them in soon for a chance to be the first ones to read Unknown Reasons Book 1 of the 10,000 Reasons Serial.



Who Would Hack An Author’s Webpage?

Perfect Harmony (1)I have no idea, but it was hacked. That was why I couldn’t send out Monday’s blog. My webpage appears to be all right now, so I’ll send out Monday’s blog, today, and Thursday’s blog, Friday. If I haven’t lost you yet, I have some exciting news.

As you know, Perfect Harmony is published and I’m close to finishing up on Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story. I’ve also been writing a story called 10,000 Reasons and have been trying to figure out what I was going to do with this story. Well, I think I’ve come up with a good idea.

Some time next year, I will publish 10,000 Reasons as a serial. This means that each story will come in installments–larger than a novella, but not quite a full length story. I’m hoping to have written the story so far out that I can send installments to you fairly quickly. It’ll kind of be like the blogs, but much, much longer.

The first installment, called Unknown Reasons (title may change…) is done and I’d like some beta readers. I’ve never offered beta reading before, but I thought I’d give it a try with this story. If selected as a beta reader, I’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to help me figure out some logistical questions I have concerning putting out a serial. There will be no limit on how many ladies I will take and once the book is published, I’ll send you a coupon for a free copy via Smashwords. Here’s how you can be a beta reader; it’s very easy.

1. Send me (dw@dwcee.com) a screenshot of your reviews of Unfinished Melody AND Perfect Harmony. It must be a written (genuine) review (not just *****). Reviews can be from any site: Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc. Please make sure you’ve sent BOTH reviews.
2. Send in the screenshot from now until the end of September. Once closed, I won’t take any more beta readers, so get in your reviews asap!

I’ve written several blog stories, but never a serial. I’m excited to try something new next year. I hope you will help me in this new endeavor. Your reward will be an awesome story that will move your heart and take it on a rocky rollercoaster ride.


Perfect Harmony Update + Blog Teaser

Perfect Harmony (1)For those of you still waiting for Perfect Harmony on Nook, I have a solution for you. I am unsure why it’s taking so long for Nook to publish this book; instead, you can download the book from Smashwords. For iBooks, download an epub copy. For everyone else, download the mobi copy.

If you are wondering where to get the book, here are the links, again.
Kindle US
Kindle UK

I woke up this morning to a wonderful FB post from Reider, Edith Brown, after she finished Perfect Harmony:
Ok DW I ended this book in tears!! It was the most heart wrenching book yet! But also I think your sweetest writing to date!! I was rooting for her to find love and scared she wasn’t! I’ll write my review later as it’s almost 5am and my family expects me to get up this morning 😉
Great job as always!!!

Thank you, Edith for the kind words. I hope those of you who read this story will write a review for me and/or email me with your thoughts. Your kind words go a long way.

Here’s the promised teaser for Monday’s blog. This is a conversation between Brendan and Chloe.
Without a warning, I pulled her into my body and kissed the top of her head. “I’m thankful for my son, but I wish I had given us a try a decade ago. I think you and I could have been good together. Our kids would have been just as brilliant and as adorable as Nolan.” She said nothing but she also didn’t push me away. “You and I are only in our mid-thirties. Lots of woman have children in their thirties. Chloe—Nolan and I would love nothing more than to date you, if you’re willing. I’d love to have more kids. Nolan would make a great older brother and you’d make a phenomenal mother. What do you say, Chloe. Can we try this again, but this time with Nolan as our third wheel?”

Enjoy your long weekend!


Perfect Harmony is here!!!

Perfect Harmony (1)It’s published! It’s selling! Some of you have emailed to tell me you’ve received your pre-ordered copy. Some of you are already reading. I’m thrilled to announce that Perfect Harmony is available for your long weekend pleasure.

Here are all the available purchase links so far:
Kindle US
Kindle UK

Nook and Smashwords should be happening soon.

Thank you for enjoying my work and I’d love it if you could write me a review on Amazon, iBooks, BN, Smashwords, or Goodreads. Enjoy!

P.S. Next up is Michael & Chloe’s Story!

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