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Hi Ladies,

I hope you’re all still in summer mode and your kids are swimming and enjoying time with their friends.

We, here, have been in school for two solid weeks! I don’t even remember how many quizzes, tests, and papers have already been taken and turned in. Every night has been a late night, and we’re all tired.

If that isn’t enough, we finally found a home and our escrow closes at the end of this month. We’ve given ourselves one month to do some renovations to the house. If you’ve ever remodeled a home, you know what that means–hours and hours of searching on the web as well as in brick and mortar stores for the perfect patio, cool bathroom tiles, kitchen ideas, wood fences, window coverings, paint colors–the list is endless. I’ve been addicted to Houzz and Pinterest that past few weeks. I have ideabooks going everywhere.

On top of all this, I volunteered to be the communications VP for the weekly newsletter and webpage at the kids’ school. What that means is more writing and editing. I think only one person at school knows that I am a writer, but somehow, they tapped the right person for this job. Just what I needed–more writing, more editing.

I don’t know why I do this to myself…!

Anyhow, onto happier news. Perfect Harmony is almost ready to go. I’m waiting for one more edit to come in this weekend. It should publish early next week. I’m writing October blogs for Michael & Chloe’s Story and I’m veering in a slightly different direction than originally planned. I’ve decided this is the next book I’ll concentrate my efforts on and maybe I can finish the story in the next six weeks??? (I do have to remind myself that I move in a month and packing needs to happen. UGH!) When that’s done, Estelle’s Story will move along; the two go hand-in-hand.

What else can I tell you? 10,000 Reasons, the book that has no deadline, is practically writing itself. I can’t stop writing that story. I’ve sent it to two girlfriends and they LOVE it. This one might end up becoming my favorite book. Speaking of future books, my head is working out plans for a Reid Family Series with all the children. Elizabeth (Ellie) Reid will be first up. That should happen in 2016.

For now, I added another three teaser chapters to Perfect Harmony and another teaser chapter to 10,000 Reasons. I’d love to hear what you think of either or both books.

Enjoy and have a great day!


Perfect Harmony Sample Sent

Perfect Harmony (1)Thank you to all who’ve sent a screenshot of your pre-ordered copy of Perfect Harmony. I’ve sent you an entire 1/3 of the book. I just hope you don’t get upset with me because the storyline stops where it does. You’ll get the rest soon.

Because my kids start school tomorrow, because I still have two more books to crank out before December, and because my life is always so hectic, I will not send out any more samples. If you’ve sent me a screenshot in the last twenty-four hours but I didn’t respond, please email me.

Happy Reiding (though it’s not a Reid book) to you ladies.


Perfect Harmony–DONE!

Perfect Harmony (1)With great sadness along with a great big smile, I want you to know that Perfect Harmony is done.

I loved this storyline! Of course, I love all my stories, but this was my love du jour. I can’t believe I will no longer think through plot lines for Marni, Ben, and Noah. For a brief while, I considered making this a trilogy because I couldn’t let go of it. After the way I ended Unfinished Melody, I didn’t think that was a good idea if I wanted to keep my Reiders happy.

Now that this is done, I want to celebrate (kind of). If you’ve pre-ordered Perfect Harmony on iBooks, send me a screenshot (dw@dwcee.com) and I’ll send you a sneak peek into this wonderfully complicated world. I’m sorry, but for now, iBooks is the only one who will allow me to have this pre-order function. I’m not trying to alienated anyone.

Official release date is Oct. 13, 2015. Once all the edits are done, it’ll release sooner. Maybe by the end of Aug? No promises, but I shall try.

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