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Hello Ladies!

Wanted to point you over to the Soon-to-be-Reids section of my website. I’ve posted a longer teaser for Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story to give you a sense of where this story is headed.

Perfect Harmony is almost done. You can pre-order on iBooks. Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story Vol. 2 is moving along beautifully and is also available for pre-order on iBooks. 10,000 Reasons has no specific release date but I’m going to assume it’s late Winter 2016.

Enjoy the Reid.


Greetings from Amsterdam!

   My family and I have been from Istanbul to Athens, (to a small island off Athens), to Brussels-Bruges-Gent in Belgium, and now we are in Amsterdam. This is a picture from my hotel. If you’ve been following me on FB, you’ve seen all my pictures and comments. You’ll know that this is my happy place and the place I envisioned when Laney Reid first got to her grandfather’s apartment on the canal.

There’s a teaser from Indelible Memories – Estelle’s Story for you on my FB page. I wrote it (and a little more) on the plane ride to Istanbul. It’s a first draft, filled with errors that I don’t quite have the energy or time to edit immediately. Hope you enjoy!


Perfect Harmony Pre-Order

Perfect Harmony (1)Sorry, this isn’t another surprise blog. The next one will come on Thursday.

I’m excited to tell you that Perfect Harmony is ready for pre-order via iBooks. Last I left you, Marni had just accepted Noah’s proposal of marriage and they were on their way toward a happy ending…right? Well, if that were the case, there’d be no reason to write a second book. 😉

This book answers every question you had after Unfinished Melody and reveals a gigantic secret that pretty much tears everyone apart. Interested? Pre-order now and you’ll be the first to uncover all the juicy details. If you download a sample, you might be able to read more than what I have on my web/Facebook page.

PS – Notice the new book cover!


Chloe: Amorous History

FinallyLove_Volume2“Talk to me, Chlo-No.”

Copious thoughts ran through my head. Where should I begin? “What do you want me to say? Why don’t you tell me what you want to say, first? Then I’ll answer and add.”

“You’ll answer every question truthfully?”

Did I have a choice? “Yes.”

“Why did you start crying when I asked to hire you for a wedding? You begged and pleaded not to plan this wedding. Why?” I didn’t want to answer. “Chlo-No. You promised.”

Once again, there was no choice. “I thought you were asking me to plan yours and Victoria’s wedding. As terrible as this sounds, considering we’ve been friends for thirty-five years, I can’t plan your wedding.”


Why? Who knew? Well, I knew, but I didn’t want Michael to know. “I don’t know, Michael. I just can’t. There are no explanations.”

“We may not have had a heart-to-heart in almost a decade, but I know you well enough to know those tears were sincere.” Michael sounded pissed. “Don’t lie to me, Chlo-No.” Now he sounded sweet and sad.

“God! You’re going to think I’m such a loser!”

He wasn’t going to be deterred. “Try me.”

Here it went—everything out in the open. “It’ll be no surprise to you when I confess that I was in love with you when we were younger. We only dated that one year, but you were the one for me. I wanted to be your duchess, have your babies—live the happily ever after. When you left me at Heathrow for Laney, I was crushed. Even then, I loved you and thought we had a chance at forever.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this a decade ago?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Between you being infatuated with Laney and Brendan showing up in my life, I figured you and I weren’t meant to be. Many times you told me Laney was your one true love.”

“That was then. You couldn’t have believed that after she got married and had kids, I’d still think she was my one true love. Come on, Chloe! Give me a little credit.”

“You pined for her long after you broke up. You forgot my birthday and went to her wedding because you couldn’t let go.”

Michael appeared annoyed. “Keep going. What does your feelings from a decade ago have to do with not planning my wedding?”

I frowned. How embarrassing to have to confess my heart to him. “You’re going to think I’m crazy, but something inside me can’t quite let go of those feelings from when I was seventeen. I know we’re only friends, but my heart would break watching you marry Victoria, and I sure as hell won’t be the one to plan your nuptials.”

For some insane reason, Michael—who was sitting in an armchair while I was pacing the large living room—rushed me and plopped his lips smack on top of mine. What! The! Hell?! One second I was spewing out my deepest, most embarrassing confession. The next second, Michael had his thumbs on my cheeks, hands pulling back my hair, curled around my neck, and his lips devoured mine. His lips did not say, “Hello! Remember me?” before getting reacquainted with my lips. Almost two decades later, they remembered each other fondly.

“What the hell are we doing?” I sputtered during a brief respite.

“What we should have done ten years ago.”

He literally swept me off my feet, walked me to his palatial bedroom, kicked opened the door, and threw me on the gigantic bed.

Michael wasn’t kidding about being up all night to hash out the last decade. If he was planning on doing this with our bodies, it would take more than one night to satiate my frustration. The hot kiss was a good start.


Michael: Delightful History

FinallyLove_Volume2“How is it that you come all the way to Reid Place, and I have to hear from Elizabeth that you’re in town?” The most beautiful blonde walked toward me…with her mother!

“Hello, Laney Reid.” I stood up to embrace and kiss my once-love. Donovan Taylor shook his exasperated head. “How have you been? You look just as beautiful as the day you broke my heart.” I added to bug the hell out of her husband.

Laney laughed. “Hi Chloe!” She went over and hugged her as if she were a long lost sister. “It’s been too long, but I’m glad you’re here with Michael.”

“Mama. Who is that?”

I didn’t know what came over me. I reached over and plucked this little blonde from her standing position and held her in my arms. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Do you remember me?”


“Your name is Delilah Rose?”

“Yes, but only my daddy calls me Delilah. You can call me Lilah.”

“I can’t call you Delilah?”

Her head shook from side to side. “That name is only for Daddy.”

“Your daddy has always been a thorn in my side, Lilah. Has he ever told you that he’s a pain in the—”

“OK!” Donovan took his child away from me. “I knew I was justified in not liking you!”

We all laughed while Lilah asked, “Daddy, was he going he to say you were a pain in the assinine?”

The laughter grew. “Where did you learn that, Baby?”

“Henry and Scottie say that to me all the time. What does that mean, Daddy?”

“That means your brothers are going to get their assinines kicked for teaching my princess foul language.”

“Thank God she’s a spitting image of you, Laney, and not her father.” I decided to add to the pretend bickering.

“Watch it, English. You’re on my soil, my territory.” Donovan Taylor threatened me as he kissed his beloved daughter.

Watching the Taylors made me open my eyes to the realities of my life. At age thirty-six, I was alone. My parents were happily married. My sister was crazy in love with her husband and new baby. Niles and Nadine almost neglected the family because they couldn’t leave their honeymoon stage. Soon, even my ninety-five-year-old grandfather would be in bliss. What was wrong with me? What had I done with my life until now?

“Hey. You all right?” Chloe whispered the same words I’d spoken not five minutes ago. “Should we get out of here?”

I wanted to leave but we were here on business. Today wasn’t about us. It was about grandfather and the rest of his life.

“Chloe!” Jane Davis ran to her with her outstretched arms. “God! Where have you been? I think the last time I saw you was at our wedding. Why haven’t you kept in touch?”

“I’m sorry, Jane. I can honestly say my life has been nonstop crazy. Introduce me to the three handsome boys tailing you.”

By the time we sat to dinner, Nick and Bee had also joined the adult table. The kids rushed through their dinners and went inside to watch a movie.

“Why aren’t you married, Michael?” Laney sat to my right and Bee to my left. Laney started the inquisition. “Don’t you want a family?”

“Since you broke my heart, Laney Reid, no woman seems to want me. Take Bee for instance. She left me for Nick.”

Bee rolled her eyes. “Your heart was never available for me, Michael.” She leaned in, as if to tell a secret, which had Laney joining in the leaning. “What about Chloe? I thought you two were in love with each other. What happened?”

“Yeah, what happened? She’s still single. You’re still single. Isn’t marriage the foregone conclusion between you two?” Laney stated.

“How about you and Chloe plan Gram and Harry’s wedding, and Laney and I’ll plan yours and Chloe’s wedding?”

“What a great idea, Auntie! We Taylors are so smart!”

The two ladies were congratulating one another, overriding anything I had to say.

“What do you say, Michael? Shall we start printing the invitations? What day is good for you?”

I whispered back, “Don’t you think I should find a bride before you print the invites?”

“Her name is Chloe Darcy, Michael Bennington.” Laney whispered a little too loudly. I saw Chloe turn her head toward us. I shook my head to let Chloe know it was nothing important.

“Mama,” Delilah Rose was back in our midst. “The movie’s scary.” She climbed on her mother’s lap.

When Elizabeth Reid was little, I thought she was adorable. In comparison to her cousin, Lilah blew her away. She looked like an actual doll with big blue eyes and the most beautiful blonde hair.

“Lilah,” I called. She looked at me. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like a princess?”

Her delight was unmistakable, her smile, undeniable. One day, any man would vie to make her his queen.

“My daddy calls me Princess Rapunzel because I have long yellow hair.”

“Well, I think you’re the most beautiful princess I’ve ever seen.” I loved seeing this little girl smile. It was a shot of sunshine in my dull life.

“What is it with you and the women in my life? Why must you flirt with all of them?” Lilah’s daddy interrupted our tête-à-tête.

“Why must you always interrupt my relationship with the women in your life? Lilah and I were having a lovely conversation. Can’t you stay lost a little longer?”

“Come to Papa, Baby.” Lilah jumped on her daddy’s lap. “I love you my sweet girl.”

“I love you too, Daddy.” She responded with words as well as her body as she hugged her father with all her might.

I decided here and now, I wanted a wife and as many children as she’d be willing to hand me. I wanted a Delilah Rose.

Donovan stood up and took his baby girl back into the house to join her cousins. While I was wrapped up in Lilah, Laney and Bee were smiling at me. “What?” I asked.

“You so need a family, Michael.” Bee spoke first.

“Go back to his grace’s mansion in Bel Air and make babies with Chloe immediately!” Laney commanded. “You two will produce beautiful children.”

I was almost tempted to agree with Laney about us producing gorgeous kids. I wasn’t stupid enough to say so, of course. What I did agree on was that the night was late. Chloe and I had much to discuss.

“If we’re all in agreement about Grandfather and Estelle, can we get back together tomorrow and discuss the specifics?” Everyone agreed with me. “Where can we meet so Estelle doesn’t get suspicious?”

Emily said, “I’ll have Mom and Dad take her out for the morning. Why don’t you join us back here around nine? I believe we are all available tomorrow, right?” She asked the doctors and lawyers in the group. “No one is on call tomorrow, Saturday?”

“Not me,” was the consensus from everyone.

“Perfect. We will see you tomorrow,” I said to everyone and then turned to Chloe, “shall we go?”

She didn’t seem to want to leave Emily and Jane. Alas, she had no choice since our beds, separate ones of course, were about forty-five minutes from here.

“Ready?” She nodded yes. “Goody-bye,” we called out and left to hash out the last ten years.


Chloe: Revisiting History

FinallyLove_Volume2“Michael, I’m sorry.” I couldn’t stop crying. This was what I’d feared. This was the reason I had avoided the Benningtons as soon as it was announced that Michael was getting married. “I can’t do your wedding. Please, don’t ask this of me.”


“That’s why I’ve stayed away from you and your family since your announcement. I can’t do your wedding, Michael. If you’ve ever considered me your friend, please, please, please…” Damn. What a mess I’d created.

“OK. Calm down. Once you’re of sound mind and you clean up your snotty face, let’s continue this conversation.”

I stopped crying immediately. Michael was right. We were in the middle of a very classy restaurant, and here I was bawling about not wanting to plan his wedding. Was I really in my thirties, whining like a toddler?

I blew my nose, cleaned my face, and made an utter embarrassment out of the both of us. “All right. I’m good,” I told a laughing Michael. “Don’t laugh at me. Now people are looking at us because you’re laughing so loudly.”

“Oh? They’re looking at us because of me?” He laughed even louder. “I’ve missed you, Friend.” He stepped around the two-top, sat next to me and pulled me in for a sweet hug. “I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a very long time.”

“Glad to be of entertainment,” I spoke grudgingly. I had to admit, my crazy show was over-the-top.

“Chlo-No, when I spoke of a wedding, I was talking about Grandfather’s wedding, not my own.”

“What? Grandpa Harry’s getting married? What the hell? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? I didn’t even know he was interested in anyone.”

“Calm down.” We, or better said, I, was attracting attention again. “Can you leave Paris for a few days?”

“Yeah. When did you need me to go back to London?”

“As soon as we finish our meal and it’s not London we’re heading to.” I must have looked completely baffled. “We’re headed to LA.”

“What?” I was so damn confused. “OK. I’ll start eating. You start talking.”

“Grandfather is lonely. He has been for a long while, and I’d like to do something about it.”

“I agree but what can you do?”

“Roland Ascot died a few years back.”

“I heard…” I saw where this was going. “You’re brilliant, Michael! I love how much you love Grandpa Harry.” There was something indefinable in his eyes when I made this statement. “I’m in. Tell me what you need me to do.”

That’s how we ended up in Los Angeles, sipping an Arnold Palmer in Jake and Emily’s backyard.

“I cannot believe how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, you jetsetter, you.” After many heartwarming hugs, Emily and I were in each other’s company again. “Thank you again for the wonderful birthday presents for the kids.”

“Did they like them?”

“Are you kidding me? Ellie wears her designer yellow dress any chance she gets. Being in uniforms at school, her choices are limited during the school week. As for James, he’d been saving up for the Lego Star Wars Death Star, so you can imagine his surprise when it landed on his doorstep.”

“I’m thrilled they like their gifts. James’ gift was easy, but Ellie’s gift took a little searching. There aren’t too many proper dresses for that in-between age. It’s either too frilly or not enough fabric.”

“There they are now.”

Four stunning kids walked toward us. Elizabeth Reid, with her jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, looked sixteen more so than her real age of twelve. She appeared tall for her age, but it was hard to get beyond the beauty. She was gorgeous! James Reid, the oldest, had the most serious look of the four. He was tall, lean, and classically handsome. He resembled his mother as his sister resembled her father.

JR reminded me of a football player. Though he was a year younger than the twins, he was almost as tall as James, but looked to outweigh him. He was solidly built, looked more like James’ twin than Ellie did, and had a huge grin on his face. Anyone would feel instantly comfortable with this kid. The youngest was absolutely adorable. If I remembered correctly, he was less than two years younger than JR. He was a replica of his father and his sister. Emily, the superwoman that she is, accomplished the feat of having four kids within four years of one another. It made me almost swoon thinking about the chaos.

“Kids, say hello to Mr. Bennington and Miss Darcy,” Jake introduced us.

“You can call us Michael and Chloe,” Michael said.

“Chloe?” Ellie asked and flailed her body at me.

“Loee?” James questioned and joined in the hug.

“Eeee?” JR added and placed his arms around all of us.

“Who’s she, Mom?” Ian had no clue who I was, regardless of the birthday gifts I’d sent every year since his birth.

“Don’t I get a hug?”

All three kids stopped and stared at Michael until Emily said, “Remember Mr. Bennington? He lives in London and he was here with his grandfather for Grandpa Roland’s funeral.”

We could all tell they had no clue, but they courteously gave him a hug.

Emily told the kids to get their homework done so we could all enjoy the evening together, and like good kids, they whined, argued, protested, and bickered with one another before leaving for their rooms.

“They’re so beautiful, Emily.” I sighed watching them walking away from us. “When did they grow so big? I can’t wait to talk to the kids after they’re done with their homework.”

“By the look in Ellie’s eyes, I could tell she wants to talk to you, too. She always says, ‘Chloe’s job is the coolest job, ever! I’m going to ask her if I can be her apprentice.’ Of course, it’s said right before she tells all of us she’s going to be a heart surgeon like all the Reids on this block.”

“I’d love to have her as an apprentice! Send her my way one summer.”

“Maybe after you’ve married and had a kid or two, I’ll send all my kids to London to babysit for you,” Emily winked.

I had missed Emily. We became friends when we discovered that she and the duke were neighbors in New York. Since then, I had made it a point to keep in touch with her. Whenever there was a wedding in LA, Emily met me for lunch or dinner. She always invited me to stay with the family at their home, but I’d always declined. Something about Reid Place still made me uncomfortable.

Suddenly, all this happiness made me sad. I was thirty-five, alone, and lonely. I hadn’t been on a date in months. I felt like an old maid. I was too old for marriage and a family now. Even if I were to meet a man, marry right away, and try for babies, there was no guarantee I could produce children.

This was what I had been avoiding. I didn’t want to be surrounded by other people’s love. It was when I felt their happiness, that I felt my loneliness.

“You all right?” Michael whispered. “You want to get out of here?” I shook my head no. “I hope you enjoyed your twelve-hour nap on the plane, Chlo-No. You and I have a lot to discuss tonight.”

Groan! I purposely slept on the plane to avoid this talk. It helped that I hadn’t had a good night’s rest in months. Maybe I could stay at Emily’s instead of heading back to the duke’s LA home.

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