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Michael & Chloe Vol. 2 Teaser

FinallyLove_Volume2You can find it in the Notes section on my FB page.

If you haven’t read all of Vol. 1, I wouldn’t read the teaser if I were you…


Blog contest winners!


Congrats to Jodi Pollard, Kim Field, (both Australians, by the way) and Sarah Fondale. You will be the first three to know what happened to Michael and Chloe ten years later. Blogs will be in your inboxes by the end of the day, PST. Enjoy!


Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story Vol. 2 blog giveaway

FinallyLove_Volume2I wanted to remind you all that this giveaway will end as of midnight, 4/24/2015. Enter for a chance to read June and July blogs of Vol. 2.

According to my numbers, a lot of you have pre-ordered Vol. 2 and have written reviews, but I don’t have too many contest entries. Click on the Rafflecopter site and fill out your entries. For detailed info, please click here.

Here’s another Vol. 2 teaser to whet your appetites for the next chapter of Michael, Chloe & Brendan’s lives.

“But the duke pulled me into his office and extolled the virtues of your then girlfriend.” I cried a little more. “You don’t know how hurt I was when he told me how he couldn’t wait for Victoria to become his granddaughter. His Grace said I was free to forget him because Victoria promised to take care of him. He all but let me go. I was no longer his assistant.” Michael pulled me into his body when I started crying harder.

“Is that why you stayed away from all of us, Chlo-No?”

My chin hit his shoulder while I nodded yes. “My heart broke, Michael. Grandfather told me he no longer needed me. Your fiancée threw Ruby a baby shower when I thought I would be the one to have the honor. And you appeared so happy when I saw you at Christmas. You didn’t even come over and wish me a happy birthday,” I wailed. “Victoria showed up and I was completely forgotten.”


Vol. 2 blogs giveaway

FinallyLove_Volume2After thinking through what to do for those who pre-ordered Michael & Chloe’s Story Vol. 2, and for those who can’t order them because they don’t read from iBooks, I’ve come up with a solution. I’m going to run a giveaway for the first month’s blogs of Vol. 2!

Here’s how it will work. Click on the Rafflecopter link as of midnight (PST) 4/17/2015. You can enter in each of the following categories. You will earn one point for: 1) Pre-ordering on iBooks. 2) Writing a review on Amazon/Kindle. 3) Writing a review on iBooks. 4) Writing a review on Nook. To earn TWO points, you can write a review on Goodreads. Please only enter once for each option so Rafflecopter does not disqualify you.

As you know, you don’t have to write multiple reviews. Just cut and paste the same review and you’ve earned yourself several points without pre-ordering the book.

At the end of one week, I’ll pick three winners to read the first month’s blogs. Good luck, Ladies!


Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story Vol. 2

FinallyLove_Volume2iBooks readers can now pre-order Vol. 2 of this delicious story. I know we’re still technically in Vol. 1, but I wanted to offer this pre-order as soon as possible for those of you who are dying to read the next and final phase of Michael, Chloe, and Brendan’s lives. The book is supposed to release on Nov. 3, 2015, but as you know by now, I tend to run on the sooner than later side.

Head over to the iBookstore to read the description of the new book. It’ll give you a good idea of where the three have been, and where they’re headed. When you do pre-order, keep a screenshot of your order and I will send my thanks to you somehow. I haven’t decided between sending the first blog of Vol. 2 to everyone who pre-orders or selecting one person to read June & July’s blogs. I’ll let you know when I make up my mind.




(Most of) You Ladies Were Correct!

FinallyLove_Volume2Thank you for all your (correct) responses. Here is a glimpse of what happens in Vol. 2.

Michael appeared annoyed. “Keep going. What does your feelings from a decade ago have to do with not planning my wedding?”

I frowned. How embarrassing to have to confess my heart to him. “You’re going to think I’m crazy, but something inside me can’t quite let go of those feelings from when I was seventeen. I know we’re only friends, but my heart would break watching you marry Victoria and I sure as hell won’t be the one to plan your nuptials.”

For some insane reason, Michael—who was sitting in an armchair while I was pacing the large living room—rushed me and plopped his lips smack on top of mine. What! The! Hell?! One second I was spewing out my deepest, most embarrassing confession. The next second, Michael had his thumbs on my cheekbones, hands pulling back my hair, curled around my neck, and his lips devouring mine. His lips did not say, “Hello! Remember me?” before getting reacquainted with mine. Almost two decades later, they remembered each other fondly.

“What the hell are we doing?” I sputtered during a brief respite.

“What we should have done ten years ago.”

He literally swept me off my feet, walked me to his palatial bedroom, kicked opened the door, and threw me on the gigantic bed.

Michael wasn’t kidding about being up all night to hash out the last decade. If he was planning on doing this with our bodies, it would take more than one night to satiate my frustration. This hot kiss was a good start.


Answer the question for a Michael & Chloe Vol. 2 teaser

FinallyLove_Volume2Earlier today, this is what I posted on my Facebook page.

I know Vol. 1 of Michael & Chloe’s Story is ongoing, but I thought you’d all like a teaser from Vol. 2. Any guesses who these two people are? Answer away, Ladies. Who knows? I may post the next few paragraphs.

“What the hell are we doing?” I sputtered during a brief respite.

“What we should have done ten years ago.”

He literally swept me off my feet, walked me to his palatial bedroom, kicked opened the door, and threw me on the gigantic bed.

Do you have a good idea who said this? Answer on my FB page or right here. If majority answer the question correctly, I’ll post the rest of this teaser.

(P.S.) Notice the new book cover.


For those of you who have finished Finally, Love! – Michael & Chloe’s Story

FinallyLove_Volume1I would love to hear what you thought of Vol. 1. I know the ending was nothing like you expected. Feel free to express your thoughts and questions, here. I’ll chime in where I can. I may also answer some burning questions!


Finally, Love! is FINALLY here!

FinallyLove_Volume1Amazon US
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This first volume contains blogs from now through most of June. That’s almost three months worth of blogs you don’t have to wait for, Ladies!

Once you’re done reading, I’d be grateful if you wrote me a review. Enjoy!


Finally, Love! for Kindle

After two emails to Kindle Direct Publishing and an agonizing wait, this is the response I received. Glad to know it wasn’t anything on my part. Sorry for the delay.


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