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2014 Interesting Facts

I love “A Year in Review!” I tend to read or watch anyone’s review.

Crazy, but I have my own “Year in Review” created by WordPress. (I try and tell my friends that I’m a minor celebrity. No one believes me.) The info WordPress sent me is pretty neat stuff, if I do say so myself. Hope you enjoy it (almost) as much as I did. Thank you for making 2014 another great year!

P.S. For those five ladies whose names are on the bottom of the list as the “most active commenters,” send me your email addresses. Just to thank you, I’ll gift you all of January blogs OR all three Chapter 2s of Unfinished Melody – your choice.




Last Call

Indelible Love bundleI wanted to let you all know that the $3.99 bundle deal will be done as of this Friday. If you were thinking about purchasing one for yourself or for a friend, get it now before the price goes back to $9.99.

Also, for those of you who sent me your screenshots, I’ve emailed your Reiding bonus. I hope you’ll enjoy the extra stories and a Merry (early) Christmas to you with the last story. If you still have a screenshot you haven’t sent, please do so before Christmas and I’ll send you the extra stories as well.

Happy Monday. I hope you like Chloe’s blog today. I have a small Christmas gift for you coming on Thursday.



A little help, please?

Indelible Love bundleI’m trying to compile all the Reid extras I’ve written the past two years to send out to those who’ve purchased the Indelible Love Bundle, and I have a problem. I’ve forgotten what I’ve written. To my chagrin, record keeping is NOT my forte and there are random writing all over my computer.

Thus far, I’ve found Jake’s Reception and Wedding Night (from the paperback book), Delaney and Donovan’s Valentines Day, The Taylor’s First Christmas, Emily’s Mother’s Day Surprise, and Christmas with Elizabeth Reid, et al (this is a new one). Am I missing any stories? Since these were all ones I’ve emailed (except for the first and last on my list), and since many of you know my writings better than I do (many a time), I thought I’d ask for help.

If you know of any other stories I’ve sent you as a random act of kindness, would you mind returning the kindness and informing me what these stories are? Thanks!


Unfinished Melody + unfinished business

Unfinished Melody final 2 copyThree chapters of UM is up on my website under the “Soon to be Reids” section!

It’s taken me a while to post this teaser, but I think you’ll like the results. Every time I thought I’d found a direction for this book, something new, or better put, someone new, kept popping into my head. First, I started writing from Ben’s POV in the present, and that just didn’t seem enough. I added Marni’s POV in the past and it appeared complete, but something was still missing.  A few days ago, I decided to add Noah’s POV, present and past, and BINGO! I had found the perfect triad. I loved the result. I’m anxious to know what you all think.

Many have asked about a finish date for this story. I’ve yet to come up with one. I’m pretty far along in the story, but with the third POV, I’ve more to write. Since I also have Michael & Chloe’s Story happening, I didn’t want to pressure myself to finish by a specific date. You’ll be the first to know when it’s ready for publishing.

Once again, I want to ask you to read with gracious eyes. This work has not been fully edited. This is still in the early stages. A lot can change between now and publishing time. Hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear feedback on this page or my FB page.

Now, for the unfinished business…I’ve had a good response to the $3.99 Indelible Love bundle, especially on iBooks, so I decided to keep it at that price through the holiday season. If you happen to pick one up for yourself or for a friend, send me your screenshot and I’ll send you all the bonus (not-published) writings I’ve done with the Reid family around Christmas time. (For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning, you’ve already received these bonus writings.)

Ii wish you a great rest of the week and only 3 1/2 hours to go for Michael & Chloe’s Story. 🙂




Look who (barely) made it onto iBooks main page!

IMG_0062So…I’m at the very end of the iBooks “scroll,” and next to a lot of naked bodies. I’m just happy to be on the main page.

Take advantage of these great deals soon. Offer expires next week.

P.S. Indelible Love Bundle is $3.99 at all e-retailers.


Help me decide on a bookcover


Number 1


Number 2










I’ve been going back and forth on which book cover I prefer. I decided to leave the decision to you. Number 1 or Number 2? Click on each picture for a larger and clearer version.

Leave your answer here or on my FB page. Hope to hear from each and every one of you!

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