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For those of you who follow me on FB, you know I was back in Europe with my kids. During our six-day trip, we based ourselves in Rome and took day trips to Florence and Venice. At the very end, we decided to do a 24-hour stop through London and try and squeeze in all our favorites. It was an eventful trip. We are all safely back in LA, gearing up for finals.

I’ve received images from those of you who purchased the Indelible Love Bundle that’s on sale for $3.99. I’ll send you the “extra” Indelible Love book close to Christmas time. As previously mentioned, iBooks is running a special bundle promo that will end on Dec 11. This is the best bang for the buck during the holiday season. Pick up a few bundles for yourself and friends.

As promised, your surprise will be here on Monday, Dec. 1,  2014. I’ll send out more details after you’ve received it.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families during Thanksgiving. Talk to you soon.


iBooks features Indelible Love Series + Entwined Bundle

Indelible Love bundleHi Ladies!

I’ve been holding onto some seriously exciting news. I am so glad I can finally tell you all about it. Thanks to Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, Indelible Love Series + Entwined Bundle is currently being featured in iBooks around the world. When you open up your iBookstore, there is a “Romance Series Bundles” link button where you can buy many books at a specially reduced price.

Indelible Love Series + Entwined Bundle is now on sale everywhere, iBooks, Amazon, Nook, & Smashwords, for $3.99. That’s FIVE books for the price of one!!! Included in this package are Emily’s Story, Jake’s Story, Max & Jane’s Story Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, and Entwined. If you’ve read all the Reid series but not Entwined, I highly encourage you to pick up that one. It’s my most heart-wrenching novel.

I know most of you have all my books. I’m hoping you’ll let all your friends know about this deal. The promotion will last until Dec. 11th. This could be the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves to read. Please pass on the good news and pick up a bundle or two, yourself, as there are over a hundred deals to choose from.

If you happen to purchase this bundle set, whether for yourself or for a friend, please send me a screenshot of your order and reply to this email. This gift is only for you. I’d love to say thank you by sending you a compilation of all the Reid “extras” I’ve written the last couple of years. For those of you who don’t have a physical version of Jake’s Story, there is a continuation of their wedding night not included in the e-version. There’s also “Donovan and Delaney’s Valentine’s Day” by Delaney Taylor, “Mother’s Day” by Jake Reid, “The Taylors’ First Christmas,” by Delaney Taylor (can you tell who my favorite characters are) and a Reid Christmas special I am currently writing that is completely new. I will package these extras in a book format and send it to you close to Christmas time.

Thank you for being a Reider! I hope you’ll spread this fabulous news for me.


Have I mentioned…

Something new and exciting is happening in December! I can’t say what it is just yet, but I think I’ve mentioned you should make sure all your besties are subscribed on my site.

Here’s another hint of what’s to come. This is an excerpt from my one of my two new projects. Read the conversation below and give me your best guess on what you think is happening. You haven’t read this interaction before, but any real Reider will know what this is all about. I will award the winner with the answer to my secret, as well as some fun reading for tonight.

So that you can all participate, I will pick the first correct answer as well as the –th correct answer. I won’t divulge which number falls before –th. All you can be sure of is that it isn’t the second or the third. 🙂

Who are the two people speaking and what are they talking about? Answer away, Ladies!

“Our families had been acquaintance all our lives but I met her for the first time up in Fife. Her sassy smile and the avant-garde way she shook my hand, rather than expecting me to kiss her hand, had my head spinning. I was in love.”

“That must have been some smile and handshake to push you off your equilibrium.”

“It sure as hell was! She had hair as black as night and eyes the color of the Thames River. Whereas most girls wore their hair in a chignon, this girl’s hair reached her chin at best–with large, enviable curls.”

I couldn’t help the laughter. “—-,” the condescending tone was obvious. “You remember her hair length and the way her hair curled?”


Another clue to what’s coming in December

Here’s another reason why you need to get your friends to subscribe. Something’s happening in December. It’ll be an early Christmas present for you ladies.

If you read the following excerpt carefully, you’ll remember parts of this passage from another book. Tell me where this is from, who is talking here, and what the scene is all about, and I’ll clue you in on what’s happening in December. You need to post your answer HERE. First person to get the most correct answer wins.

“—-. I know your sweet intentions, and they’ve always been for my benefit. But now, I need to stop being selfish and let you go.”
“No.” This damn nightmare was not happening to me! “I won’t let you go. I can’t…”
My sweet girlfriend started crying. “—-, you have been a true friend and an ideal boyfriend. You were the only man I wanted to give my heart to and try for a relationship, in all my life, outside of —-. I tell you this to try and explain that’s how much I adore you, and that’s how much you mean to me.”
“Don’t do this, —-,” I begged. This woman was supposed to be my wife. We weren’t supposed to ever end.
Now she was crying even harder. She was ripping my heart out of my body. “I need to let you go to find your love, your future. It’s not with me.”
Since I met this woman, I never doubted her place in my life; she was to be mine forever. Nothing and no one was to come between us. How did it end over the course of a few days, without my participation or agreement? What was I to do now that —- would no longer be with me?


Are you and your friends on my subscription list?

Get everyone you know to subscribe to my emails.
Make sure you, yourself, receive everything I send.
An early Christmas present will be dropped, soon.
That’s all I can say for now.
Have a great day!

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