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Trick or Treat?

Here’s a little Halloween treat for you. A big surprise is coming your way. Any guesses what the following excerpt is all about? First to guess correctly will receive something super sweet in her inbox. All answers must be posted HERE on my website (not FB). You have until the sun goes down and I have to go trick-or-treating with my daughter tonight (approximately 5 hours).

Did I want to explain that I had waited for them the past many hours? I couldn’t do that to my dear friend who had been like a sister to me all these years. It wasn’t her fault that her brother was an idiot. How was she to know I’d called both of them copious times making sure they were safe? Last we spoke, he told me he’d wait for my plane to land and we’d catch a ride home together. All that worrying was for nothing; his plane hadn’t blown up. I now knew what had happened to him—he fell in love.


A Commentary on Unfinished Melody

Read my 12-year-old’s take on Unfinished Melody on my Facebook page. This is her first writing debut that’s not school or text-related. 😉


What’s Happening

Unfinished Melody final 2 copyHello Ladies! How have you all been doing?

My life is the usual with a little work, a lot of driving the kids around, a little vacation planning, and a lot of writing. I’m 20,000+ words into Unfinished Melody and liking where it’s headed. I’ve changed directions in the style of writing, and the book has more depth because of it. When you read it, I think you’ll like the way it’s done. It’s definitely something different.

In addition to Unfinished Melody, my mind has been consumed with the idea of another blog. I so would like to do another one, but the time I put into sending out two blogs a week stops me. I thought about possibly doing only one blog a week. I’ve thought about sending out a month’s worth of blogs at a time. I’m undecided and I’ve yet to start writing. Usually, the blogs begin the first week of December…oh, I don’t know! Perhaps you can try and convince me.

In any case, at some point soon, I’ll post another teaser on the Soon-to-be-Reids sections of my webpage. I don’t have a release date for this one. I’ll probably end up surprising you one day and releasing the book without any announcements. 🙂

My entire weekend will be spent between a softball tourney and a golf tourney. I hope your weekend is more relaxing!

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