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Thanks for the reviews

INDELIBLE LOVIN WEDDINGI have sent out the first chapter of Unfinished Melody as a thank you to those of you who wrote a review for MJ’s Wedding. I can’t say enough thank yous to all those who help build my “career.”

I am writing to you today because there are two iBook reviewers whose email addresses I do not have. If you are Ella0510 or Cyn259, please send me your email address (dw@dwcee.com). I’d love to send you this gift. For the rest of you who’ve written a review, check your inbox.

Hopefully, I’ll post a teaser here and there as the story progresses.

Have a great week!



It’s here!

INDELIBLE LOVIN WEDDINGMJ’s Wedding has been published!

For those of you who pre-ordered through iBooks, it should drop some time today.

For those of you who pre-ordered through Amazon, you should have received a notice stating that your pre-order has been canceled. I decided to cancel the pre-order and (re)publish the book today because Amazon would not allow me same day upload / publish privilege. In short, while iBooks Reiders would receive their copies today, Kindle Reiders would have to wait another 10 days. So, that means, you need to head to Amazon and one-click again to find out what happened with Max & Jane. Once again, your pre-order has been canceled (no charges have been made to your credit card) if you are a Kindle Reider. Please visit Amazon to (re)purchase this book.

For Nook and Smashwords user, your book should be available some time today as well.

Happy Reiding! And please write a review once you’re done.

P.S. There’s a book cover reveal for Unfinished Melody at the end of MJ’s Wedding, as well as a short excerpt. Let me know what you think.


Another chapter of MJ’s Wedding for ya?

INDELIBLE LOVIN WEDDINGMJ’s Wedding is coming along beautifully and it looks like I will pull up the release date once again. I don’t have an exact date, yet, but it’ll be sooner than Oct. 19th.

With such good news, I thought I might share another part of this book with you. I’ve release chapters 1 & 2 to those of you who’ve sent me a screenshot of your pre-ordered status. Send me another picture of your PRE-ORDERED status and I will send you chapter 3!

Here are the rules:
1. All screenshots must show the book as PRE-ORDERED. I cannot take accept any other picture.
2. Send your screenshots to dw@dwcee.com (please do not leave pictures on my Facebook page).
3. This offer expires Saturday, 11:59pm (PST) 9/13/2014, no exceptions.

Haven’t pre-ordered your book, yet? Here are the links: Amazon, iBooks


Last announcement, I promise.

Get your e-book signed by D.W. CeeThis will be my very last email on this topic, I promise!

When I started writing, I had no idea where this “career” would lead me – if anywhere at all. As an indie writer, you have no guidance. There are no sites that give you all the answers and I don’t know if there’s a Dummy’s Guide to Indie Writing. A lot of what we do is trial and error. Authorgraph (for now) was an error on my part.

It appears as though I’ve offended some people and made it sound as if I thought your enthusiasm was a burden. If that is what you thought, I apologize. I’ve always believed in an open line of communication, and that was a big reason for giving away the blogs. I loved reading ALL your comments. Since there are no more blogs, I thought Authorgraph was a good way to keep in touch.

Let me state that I make NO money from this Authorgraph site, and it’s absolutely free for you, Reiders.

I wanted to let you know that I will sign all the autographs you throw my way until midnight, PST. After that, I will shut down my account (and possibly revisit in the future.) Please understand, I cannot sign anything unless you sign up with Authorgraph, first. Please click on the picture above and the rest is fairly simple.

I would like to express how floored I am that you’d like an “autograph” from me. It’s truly humbling, and I am grateful for all the outpouring of love.

Because I don’t want to leave on a negative note…here’s an MJ teaser for you!

(Two nights before the wedding, Jane talking)
I decided to interrupt Laney one last time as I joined her up on stage. “I just want to say, the minor confusion between me and Donovan was not as dramatic as recited tonight.” So, I told a teeny-tiny lie.
“Since you’re up here, why don’t you stay to receive your gift?” Laney held my hand. “Every woman in this room joined me in presenting you with ‘Something Blue,’ my dear cousin.”
One by one, each woman brought up a pair of blue shoes. High heels, slingbacks, espadrilles, flipflops, running shoes, and much, much more. They were all lined up for everyone to admire.
“No Cinderella would be complete without her other pair of shoes. Since I’m a big believer in this fairytale, and you’re a big believer in shoes, I thought it only appropriate you receive every possible shoe in blue. Congratulations.”


One more (mini) announcement

Get your e-book signed by D.W. CeeThank you all for your enthusiasm for Authorgraphs. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have been inundated with requests and haven’t been able to do much other than answer them in the most sincere way, all day. I’ve done my best to give personal greetings to you all, but when each person asks for an autograph x 9, it’s impossible to get any other work done around the house or business.

For now, starting today, I will only accept one request per Reider. If you’ve already received autographs from me, you’re golden. The rest of you ladies patiently waiting, email me at dw@dwcee.com and let me know which book you’d like for me to sign. If I don’t hear from you by the end of today (Friday), I will automatically sign Emily’s Story.

I apologize for not thinking this through sooner. Have a great weekend!


Announcement Time

Indelible Love - Emily's StoryNo, MJ’s Wedding is not being released today. I wish! It’s being carefully edited many times over as I type.

I want to share two articles of news in my literary world before I make dinner, drop off one child at softball, pick up another at golf, etc. Afternoons are the busiest in my filled-with-activities life.

There’s a thoughtful review of Emily’s Story at Sinful Thoughts Book Blog. I hope you will read it, like it, and post it on your Facebook timeline or page. I’m always grateful for all sincere reviews – the nice ones are most appreciated. 🙂

I also want to tell you about something I signed up two weeks ago but was afraid to mention until now. I’m still afraid, but I suppose I need to let you know since I’ve been getting autograph requests. Authorgraph will explain it all.
Get your e-book signed by D.W. Cee

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