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2014 Interesting Facts

I love “A Year in Review!” I tend to read or watch anyone’s review.

Crazy, but I have my own “Year in Review” created by WordPress. (I try and tell my friends that I’m a minor celebrity. No one believes me.) The info WordPress sent me is pretty neat stuff, if I do say so myself. Hope you enjoy it (almost) as much as I did. Thank you for making 2014 another great year!

P.S. For those five ladies whose names are on the bottom of the list as the “most active commenters,” send me your email addresses. Just to thank you, I’ll gift you all of January blogs OR all three Chapter 2s of Unfinished Melody – your choice.



7 Responses to 2014 Interesting Facts

  1. Ellen Christensen says:

    Please forgive my tardiness. As always DW, you rock! Thank you for all the great Reids I got last year, they really helped me through a rough time. I didn’t realize that I was sooo vocal with my comments, but since it got me on the most commenter (not sure that’s really a word), thanks for the sneak peek. I know all your Reiders are going to love Unfinished Melody!

  2. edie says:

    DW I just love your books!!! I was so surprised made the list! Again thank you for sharing the gift of your amazing Reids!

  3. karen says:

    Thank you DW,it was a lovely surprise to be in the top 5. Looking forward to continuing commenting n 2015.

  4. Karmine says:

    Those end of the year reviews are always lovely! I think I started doing those in my social media sites and I always loved them! It’s a great way to look back and see how great the year has been, and I cannot thank you enough DW Cee for all the joy you’ve brought into my year! It’s always exciting looking forward to a new blog, book, or something from you! And of course, this site of yours has given me another community where I can share my thoughts and feelings regarding the Reids with all our Reiders! It was great seeing how everyone’s thought about what’s happening!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  5. DCT says:

    OMG, I too feel like a celeb!!! DW, it has been and continues to be my pleasure to experience and enjoy your work! Thank you for your kindness and generosity, as it is truly and humbly appreciated! I would love to get my hands on more of Chloe’s voice with January’s blogs (gee DW, you’re swell)!

  6. ssmarquart says:

    I enjoyed your yearly report. I can never get enough of your writing!!!!

  7. Melody Gonser says:

    Thank you, I enjoyed your yearly report. Thank you for sending me one.

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