D.W. Cee

Author of Indelible Love


BEE: New(s) York, Man

“What are you laughing at?” Nick asked once we finished having a quickie after teasing and being teased all day. “You better not be laughing at the fact that I lasted all of four minutes this round. It’s not my fault that you were a tease all day.”

“Oh, I was the tease when you placed your hand on my inner thigh at dinner? At least I teased in private. You do know your brother could see your hand from his seat at the head of the table? And you didn’t last four minutes. It was more like two!” I scoffed at his accusation.

“So? What if I was having a little fun at the dinner table?”

“Sure. Turn me into the slut in front of your family.” I got up from bed to clean up our mess. “Just so you know, I wasn’t laughing at your in-and-out performance. I’m still laughing about the plane ride over here.”

“Shit. I’m sorry. I thought you and I would have a quiet vacation here without a Reid or Taylor.” ‘Without a Reid or Taylor…’ What a joke! Nick and I were told to show up to the plane, early Saturday morning. Waiting for us with the biggest grins on their faces were Jake and Emily plus three, Donovan and Laney, and Max and Jane. Doug bailed as soon as he learned all six of them were flying together. He told Nick he didn’t want anyone making wrong assumptions about him and Ruby. They teased us the entire five-hour plane ride asking for details about our “secret getaway.” Nick and I resorted to playing with the twins to get away from the adults. “Max and Jane promised to vacate the other bedroom on New Year’s Day. Since they spent last New Year’s Eve here in New York, they wanted to do the same this year.”

“It’s all good, Nicholas. Your family is fun. I enjoy spending time with them. What should we do tomorrow?” I asked before stepping in the shower.

“I’m one step ahead of you. I thought I’d be the perfect friend with benefits and help you all morning when you go to the mart. I heard you tell Emily tonight you needed to meet with some vendors and suppliers.”

Should it have pissed me off that he called me a “friend with benefits” or should it have made me happy that he was willing to be my errand boy all morning?

“Is that what we are calling each other? Friends with benefits?”

“Um…” He was hesitant, but not hesitant enough. “Well we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, and we’re not exactly platonic friends, so friends with benefits seem to be the best way to describe this…situation.”

He was too afraid to call this idiotic status of ours, a relationship. That straw broke this camel’s back. I had had enough. I was tired of being a second-class citizen in his life and I was tired of being his bedmate. Rather than taking a shower, I started packing my bags.

Nick whistled his way to the kitchen to get a snack with no freaking clue what I was doing and how I was feeling. I finished packing, walked out to the living room, and called out, “Goodbye.”

“Where the hell are you going?”

I didn’t want his lame attempt at rectifying or justifying this situation. And I sure as hell didn’t want him to know he was starting to mean something to me. Stupid me! I was hoping this trip might finalize us as a couple. I looked at him with a schooled expression and answered, “I don’t know. Either I’ll go to a hotel, or I’m going back home once I get all my errands done tomorrow.”

“I don’t understand why you’re leaving. What did I do? What happened in the last five minutes that got you upset enough to make you want to leave?”

Damn idiot! “I think I’m done with our friends with benefits relationship…or no…let me correct myself…not a relationship, a ‘situation.’ I am done having you as a bedmate, I don’t need your help as an errand boy, and I sure as hell don’t want to be with somebody who’s embarrassed to be with me. Have a nice life, Nicholas Reid.”

Stupid me, again, expected an obligatory stop-at-the-front-door or at least a follow-me-out-to-the-hallway-and-try-and-convince-me-to-come-back scenario. I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised when none of that happened.

What the hell, now?

I wasn’t going to feel sorry for myself or was I going to be upset that this relationship never happened. I marched myself over to Ruby’s apartment and knocked on her door.

“Bee!” Michael surprisingly answered the door. I walked in without an invitation. “Are you…moving in with us…?” He stared at my suitcase.

“What brings you here?” I asked this stupid question. “I thought you were staying in London.”

“I…live here.” He was at a loss for words. “No let me rephrase that, I don’t live here, but this is one of our family homes. I will be here temporarily.”

I glossed over what he said and asked, “Ruby’s not here?”

“She was supposed to come in last night with me but she had an event she needed to attend back in London. She’s arriving tomorrow morning, instead.”

Knowing Ruby wasn’t here, I felt deflated. I was lost. Though Ruby and I were not close friends, she was a friend I felt I could count on. She had sent me this address and welcomed me to her apartment any time. I was hoping I could find a friend in her as I did in Laney.

I picked up my suitcase, turned around and said, “Will you let Ruby know that I was here? Never mind. I’ll call her when I get situated in a hotel.”

“Wait!” A man finally stopped me from leaving. “Do you need a place to stay? You are welcomed to stay here. Ruby and I only take up two out of the seven bedrooms. We are not exactly lacking for space.”

“I’m not very good company right now. I don’t know if you’ll want to be with me.”

“I haven’t been very good company since August. We can brood together.”

Michael made me to laugh at my pathetic situation. Deciding this was where I wanted to be, and Michael was the friend I needed, I promised, “Tomorrow, after I finish taking care of business…you, me, dinner and drinks! I’m buying.”

This time, we were finishing our conversation from the pub!

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NICK: New(s) York, Baby


Laney and Donovan got married in an over-the-top Cinderella meets Christmas wedding. Even for a marriage (non)believer like me, the wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom were deliriously happy. We all had stupid grins on our faces the entire day, no different from the bride and groom.

Aunt Babs pulled out every trick in the magic hat to make her daughter’s day unforgettable. The groom also made sure that the bride would have a wedding rivaling any royal wedding. My cousin looked stunning, the groom was his usual debonair self, and my little niece and nephew looked adorable.

Because we are the Reids, we all met up again this morning for a late breakfast with the entire clan.

“Where did all this food come from? Who cooked at this hour after going to bed at four in the morning?” I asked.

What crazy person prepared such a feast? It was almost as nice as Gram and Grandfather’s wedding breakfast. I hoped it didn’t fall upon Emily.

Aunt Barbara answered, “We thought we’d continue Jake and Emily’s tradition and have the rest of us celebrate the wedding the morning after. The caterers came and fixed us a nice brunch.”

“Are we late?” A gaggle of Taylors walked in. Their entire family was still here and I felt like we were having another wedding reception.

“No Jamie,” Aunt Babs answered. “You’re here just in time.”

“Has anybody heard from the bride and groom? Have they left for their honeymoon yet?” Scott Taylor sat next to Uncle Henry and they both had silly grins on their faces. It was carry-over happiness from yesterday.

Doug and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. “I doubt they even went to bed last night.” I whispered to Doug.

Doug agreed. “The way those two have been all over each other since the moment they got together, I highly doubt we will be seeing them for weeks to come.”

“Hey,” I told Doug “I’m taking Bee to New York after this mayhem is over. Bee tells me that Laney’s friend Ruby will be in New York at around the same time. Any chance you want to come and make it a foursome?”

“Dude, you’re not trying to set me up with her are you? Just because you’re all happy and settled now does not mean I want to be happy and settled.”

I laughed at my cousin. “Bee and I…I don’t know what Bee and I are, but I enjoy her company and I’d like to go to New York with her. That’s about as complicated or as simple as it gets between us. Since Ruby will be there, I thought it might be fun to have another person, whether guy or girl. Think about it. We leave in a few days.”

“Speaking of…” Doug tilted his head toward the doors. “There she is.”

Bee and I made eye contact and gave each other a slight nod and a smile, but that was all. She sat with the Taylor women and I stayed with Doug.

“Nick!” My imp of a niece called out and put up her hands so I could pick her up. As soon as she was secure in my arms, I stood up abruptly and threw her in the air. I caught the look of horror in her eyes and I expected her to wail in fear, but instead, this little monster commanded, “MORE!” Not wanting to miss the action, James waddled over to us and Doug picked him up and performed the same circus act. Both kids couldn’t get enough. I had no desire to have kids of my own, but these two were easy to love.

Jake walked over with JR and I found this to be the perfect time to ask him about lodging in New York. “I’m headed to New York in a few days. I just wanted to make sure our apartment in Soho is empty?”

“MORE!” Ellie insisted when I stopped to talk to her dad. I had no choice but to carry on this conversation while making sure I didn’t drop Jake’s middle child.

“I believe it is. When are you leaving? I was thinking about taking Emily and the kids over there for the remainder of vacation. Maybe we can all go at the same time.”

My silence gave Jake a reason to pause. Did I want to tell my brother who I was going to New York with and have to answer all the probing questions? If possible, I wanted to keep all details secret from the family so they wouldn’t make a big deal out of this situation.

“I was thinking about leaving in a couple of days?” I already had the tickets and I knew exactly when we were leaving, but I didn’t want to have to explain to my brother that I was not leaving alone.

Jake gave me a funny look but let me be. Smart man!

With the imp still in tow, I casually made my way over to Bee, greeted all the ladies, and sat between Bee and Becky.

“Hi Ellie.” Becky did her best to greet the beautiful brat sitting on my lap who wondering what to make of the newborn laying in Becky’s arm. “You looked beautiful yesterday at your Auntie Laney and Uncle Donovan’s wedding.”

“No Ne Ne. My Unca!” She let Becky know.

“She has a serious crush on my nephew, doesn’t she?”

“I guess. Hey,” I leaned in and whispered, “Jake says the apartment in Soho is empty. You mind staying there?”

Bee answered without hesitation, “I would love to spend time with you anywhere, as long as there are no Reids and Taylors involved. I’m tired of both families.”

“You can say that again!” I leaned in even closer and kissed her stealthily on the lips. I didn’t think anyone caught that but even if they did, I didn’t give a shit.

“Hello, everyone!”

“What the hell are they doing here?” Bee turned my cheek over to Donovan and Laney who were at their own after-the-wedding-brunch to which they were not invited.

“Why the hell are you here?” was on everyone’s minds and tongues.

Ellie and James ran over to the happy couple and each picked up his and her favored child before telling us why they were spending part of their honeymoon with us.

“Is everything all right?” Uncle Henry asked.

“Everything is perfect, Daddy. We stopped by because we have some news.”

“We’re waiting…” That shout-out earned me an elbow from Bee.

“Well…” Laney started. “I’m a little embarrassed, but also thrilled to tell you that…” She stopped and fidgeted, gave James a kiss on the head, and moved even closer to her husband.

“Today, Laney! Your Gram and I can die at any moment.” That earned Grandfather an elbow from Gram.

This time Donovan spoke. “We were originally going to ride our Ducatis up the coast and fly to South Africa to go surfing for our honeymoon.” That sounded cool. “But, we are forced to change our plans because…” Shit. This was going to take all morning. Now, Donovan was deferring to his wife.

“We’re having a baby. I’m pregnant.” Laney was barely audible but we all heard what she uttered.

“Did I hear that correctly?” Bee nudged me for an answer.

“What the hell is it with my family members not using birth control?” I nudged her back.

Once the shock wore off, everyone got up at once and ran to the happy couple like a sea of linebackers chasing the quarterback. While the revelry continued, Bee and I made plans for our time away from the family. I convinced Doug to join us and Bee called Ruby to confirm she’d be in New York.

“All is set. Ruby will be there. I told her about Doug and she was all for meeting him. What do we do about accommodations, now?”

“Doug will most likely stay in the apartment with us. Do you mind?” Maybe this was a bad idea. I’d forgotten Doug wouldn’t have a place to stay and if Jake was going to be in New York, Bee and I couldn’t stay at his place.

“Will the three of us be roommates?”

“You and I will be roommates. Doug can take the other bedroom.”

“Then it’s all good.”

Our plans were set. In two days, Bee and I would enjoy the Big Apple without the prying eyes of any Reid or Taylor, except for Doug.

“Nick.” Jake called. “Good news!” What now? “Donovan and Laney are headed to Amsterdam before going to the Maldives on Grandfather’s plane, and they’re willing to drop us off in New York.” Great! Now there was no chance Jake and his family would be on the same flight with us if they were flying on Grandfather’s plane. “And I’ve secured a seat on the plane for you and a friend.” Jake snickered and walked away.



BEE: Start Spreading the News

Who in their right mind gets married on a Wednesday? Only my pain-in-the-ass-nephew and soon-to-be-niece got married, not only on a Wednesday, but also on the biggest holiday known to humankind. Christmas! As much as I bitched about working overtime to get Laney and Donovan’s gift ready, I was thrilled for the couple. They were as perfect a pairing as Jake and Emily and Max and Jane.

Watching Laney smile every time the words Donovan, wedding, or love, came up in a conversation would melt even the most hardened cynic. As crazed as she was, two days before her wedding, I’d never seen her happier.

“I just spoke with Donovan and he says he won’t be home till the morning of the wedding!” This was now stressed-Laney talking. “He’s still negotiating a settlement for the sale of Grandfather’s company. I think I’ll have to talk to Grandfather and ask why this can’t just be done and over with.”

Barbara, Jamie, and I were putting the final touches on Laney’s wedding dress. Or better put, I was doing last minute adjustments because Laney kept losing more weight, and her mother and future mother-in-law were sitting on the couch oohing and aahing.

“He’ll be here soon. There’s no way he’s going to miss his own wedding.”

“But Ma, he hasn’t participated in this wedding at all. I’m so sad that all he’ll do is stand at the altar and say, ‘I do.’ He’s missed out on a bachelor party, my bridal shower, the dress rehearsal…who ever heard of a dress rehearsal without a groom?”

Barbara Reid and Jamie Taylor didn’t know how to ameliorate this “problem.” Laney had no idea how involved Donovan had been all the way from London. The mothers were sick and tired of getting his meddling phone calls. Even I was sick and tired of his meddling phone calls. What the hell did he know about fashion? Well…he did know a damn more than most men, but still…

“Laney. Donovan won’t care about any of the details.” Barbara rolled her eyes. “He just wants to get married to you.”

“I know, Mom. I know he’s working, but it kind of breaks my heart when he doesn’t want to talk about the wedding. He keeps changing the subject when I ask him for his opinion on anything.”

“My son is actually holding back an opinion on something?” Jamie snorted. “That’s a first.”

“You’re looking mighty pretty there, Cousin!” We all stopped dead when we heard a male voice in the house. The four of us had been together all day without a man in sight, so Nick’s whistle and compliment made us jump.

“Nick! You scared me! Knock, next time, will ya?” Laney only said what was on all our minds. “What brings you over?” she asked, as she not so casually looked my way. She was now sly-Laney—or perhaps, she was wanna-be sly-Laney.

“Emily says dinner’s ready.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Barbara led all of us in the procession across the street.

Nick and I purposely walked slowly. “I was wondering…?” he asked carefully.


“After all this lunacy is done, I still have a couple of weeks left before school starts…”


“And last year, my family spent New Year’s in New York…we have a small apartment there…though Jake has a large one overlooking Central Park that we could use…or a hotel is also an option, though it’s damn expensive at this time of the year…” He was rambling like a nervous schoolboy.

“Yes!” I did what he did to me at the design center. I stopped and kissed him in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

With mischief only Nicholas Reid could pull off, he asked, “Yeah? You’ll buy me a couple of plane tickets so I can spend New Year’s Eve in New York with this girl I’ve been seeing?”

“Really? You’re actually admitting that you’re seeing a girl? She’s not just someone you’re screwing?”

“I am and she is.” He grinned. Our bodies were still locked in make out position. “I thought we’d see how many cities we can have sex in, as a novelty. I’ve heard women want to feel special and experience many ‘firsts.’ Sex in London was a first for me, and I believe I’m a New York virgin. However, I may have to think a little harder about that one. And if things progress nicely, my Florence virginity is up for taking, too.”

I died laughing! Was this guy for real? And did he actually tell me we were seeing each other and that we’d still be together when Max and Jane got married? Un-freakin’-believable!

“Well, Nicholas Reid. In full disclosure, I may not be a New York virgin, but my Florence virginity is up for grabs just like yours. But you’ll have to be awfully good for me to want to give it to you.”

“I haven’t heard you complaining about my skills. I’m as good as they come.”

“Yeah? Prove it.” He was about to come in for another kiss when a blaring honking noise scared the shit out of us. We quickly disengaged.

Max and Jane came out of their car with an I-saw-Mommy-kissing-Santa-Claus smirk. Max walked right by us and gave Nick a “good job” kind of pat and Jane gave us two thumbs up. Not that it was a secret to any of the Reids what was going on between us, but we were still embarrassed.

“Let’s talk more later. Emily might send Ellie out to call us in for dinner.”

We didn’t exactly walk in hand-in-hand but the fact we walked in together made a huge statement for Nick.

“NICK!” Ellie rammed her body into him. “Pray?”

“It’s dinner time, Ellie. No more playing. Come sit in your chair,” Emily called her gorgeous daughter.

“Yesh, Mama.” As soon as she made her obliging statement, she casually strolled to Max and asked, “Ax! Pray?”

“Ellie!” Emily warned. “What did Mama say to you?”

“Thowry.” She skulked over to her seat and placed herself next to her brother.

The three children all sat in a row and they were absolutely breathtaking. Ellie looked like her great grandmother, her father and her aunt. James, I was told, looked more like the Logan side of the family, though he and Ellie looked identical in many ways. And JR, who was old enough to sit in a high chair and eat something that resembled mashed up oatmeal, looked like a beautiful blend of his two siblings. The three of them would have a great time together in a couple of years.

“Ellie, do you like your flower girl dress?” Laney engaged her in a conversation. Why she tried to talk to a twenty-month-old, was beyond me. “I sent your Uncle Donovan a picture of you and he thought you looked very pretty.”

“My Unca!” Ellie let Laney know. Then she pointed her forefinger at Laney and chastised, “My Unca!” just in case we didn’t catch that high decibel the first time.

“Elizabeth…” The warning was getting stronger and the obligatory “thowry” was spoken again.

“She has a thing for Donovan.” Jake found his daughter darling as he went over and lightly bit the forefinger that was still pointing at Laney. Ellie giggled so much, her siblings looked on and Jake was “forced” to bite two more forefingers. Even JR giggled.

“What woman doesn’t have a thing for my future husband?” Laney boasted. “Oh! And there he is!” She rudely picked up her cell phone at the dinner table. “Hello, Hubby. Why are you still up at this hour?”

“Oh brother!” Doug, who was sitting next to Laney, bemoaned. “He’d get here a little sooner if you two would stop talking on the phone and finish selling the company, already!”

“Shut up, Doug!” Laney jabbed an elbow into Doug’s arm and got up to take her call elsewhere.

“They need to get married, already. The house is turned upside down, Mom’s as crazed as Laney is, and I’m getting too many damn phone calls from my future brother-in-law with a long to-do list. When the hell is he getting over here?”

“He’ll be here soon.” Roland and Estelle walked in to dinner. It was late December but the weather was nice enough for us to sit outside with the patio heaters on. Jake grilled steaks and I almost expected Ellie and James to hop in the pool when dinner was done. This family was the quintessential Southern California family—laid back and fun.

“Hello, there, Bee.”

“Hey, big brother,” I greeted Scott, who was also joining us for dinner. “Roland, I hear congrats are in order. I butted into Laney and Donovan’s conversation outside and I heard the good news.”

“Yes, but congrats are all for your son. He scored huge on this deal. Laney will be very happy with the surprise coming to her once they’re married.”

“What does that mean, Gimpy?”

“You shall find out after the wedding.” Roland wouldn’t divulge any more information.

“Hey,” Nick whispered. “So, New York…?”

“New York!” I agreed. “When do I need to buy tickets? Unfortunately, the guy I’m sleeping with is a poor med student. I have to be his sugar mama for the time being.”

Nick chuckled. “Merry Christmas,” were the words Nick spoke seconds before my phone dinged with an email notification of a plane ticket to New York.

New York with Nick? Definitely held mega potential!


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NICK: Bee Buzzed

It had been a few days since we’d come back from London, and Bee and I hadn’t spoken. I was pissed she got home so late, wasted at that, and she was pissed because…who the hell knew why she was pissed? I did not understand women, and I had no desire to understand them.


“Why the hell do you keep hanging out at our house when you have your own?”

“I need your help.”

“Laney, you are starting to bug…”

My cousin whined, “Donovan won’t make it here till right before the wedding, Doug is taking his last final, and everyone else has wife, kids, or a fiancée to tend to. You’re my only helper.”

“What d’ya need?” I asked with resignation.

“Could you help me take all these clothes over to Bee’s? They all need some sort of adjustment.”

“Damn. Must you women make such a big deal out of what should be a simple day of professing your love to one another?”

“Nicholas!” The way she kept calling me by my full name bugged too. “It’s our wedding day. The day we girls have dreamed about since we could walk in heels and wear a tiara.”

“I don’t think Jane ever walked in heels or wore a tiara, Laney.”

“Well maybe so, but Jane is going to be just as neurotic about her wedding as I am right now about mine. Are you going to take me over to Bee’s or not?” She was starting to get more than annoying. She seemed to think I was her slave.

“Give me your phone.” Surprisingly she did as I asked, and I dialed Donovan’s number.

“What are you doing?”

“Calling your fiancé.”

“You can’t do that!” she complained. “It’s late over there. Don’t bother him. He’s tired.”

“Hello Princess! Is this a phone sex call?”

“Sick!” I spit out. “I didn’t need to hear that.”

Laney took the phone from me. “Sorry, Donovan. That was Nick. How are you, Honey?”

Damn. I didn’t need to be listening in on their conversation. Laney was giggling away and smiling bright. I had to admit, she lit up when she spoke to her fiancé. It was a sweet look.

“Let’s go!” I pretended to complain.

“Oh! OK!” she answered me but continued speaking to Donovan. “I have to go to Bee’s to get your suit altered. I’ll talk to you tomorrow? Are you busy?”

Damn cousin of mine yapped the entire drive to Bee’s. “Why couldn’t you have done this on your own?” I asked but got no response. She didn’t give a shit what I’d asked.

“I can’t do that!” she suddenly answered with fake horror. “Nick is in the car!”

“Shit. Will you get off the damn phone? I don’t need to hear your sex talk.” I pulled the phone from her ear and told Donovan, “Hey. I don’t need to hear sordid details. Will you guys cut it out?”

Donovan let out his usual arrogant laugh. “Do as I did and give in. She’ll make you insanely happy. Your belly will feel full without eating, every thirst will be quenched without a sip of water, and your whole damn body will be warmed without fire. That’s what a good woman will do for you!”

“You working for Hallmark, now? You sound like a poet—a bad poet.” I had to give in and laugh with him.

“Let me give you the same advice your brother gave me when I was fighting my attraction to that gorgeous woman sitting next to you. Don’t make her cry! It’ll come back to bite you in the ass and haunt you till you make it right.”

“With advice like that, I can see why it took so long and so much effort to win over your fiancée.”

“But in the end, I did.” Now Donovan got all Mr. Serious Lawyer on me. “Bee is very special to me. Because Grandpa had her late in life, she never had siblings. Though we treated her like a sibling, there was an unspoken distance after Grandpa died and Bee’s mom withdrew from the Taylor family. She’s strong, she’s outspoken, and she’s gifted. Don’t crush her spirit, Nick. If you don’t want a relationship with her, walk away, and do your best not to hurt my aunt too badly. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir!” I answered Donovan in mock-salute. I had to admit, what he said bothered me—a lot.

“Hi Auntie!” Laney hugged and kissed Bee in a most over-the-top manner when we arrived at her loft.

Bee rolled her eyes. “Whenever you’re extra sweet, that can only mean you need my help.” Many minutes later, when she chose to notice me, Bee grunted a greeting.

“Just a few alterations for the wedding. I thought I’d bring it over to you rather than having you trek all the way to my house. Speaking of house, I need to go buy more stuff for our house. Are you free to go to The Design Center with me? I can’t shop there unless I have my interior designer with me.” Bee and I both knew what was coming. “I’ll buy you dinner at your favorite restaurant on the Westside.” She spoke in her sweetest Cinderella voice.

“I guess you don’t need me anymore?” The front door was steps away from me but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back into our “huddle.”

“Nick.” She whined like a ten-year-old, again. “Who will take me home after dinner? I can’t ask Bee to drive me all the way home after a full day of shopping, eating, and drinking.” My nice-guy split-second hesitation spelled my doom. “OK, then! I’ll take that as a yes! Can you two excuse me for a second? I’m going to go upstairs and talk to my man about a few things. It’ll only take a few minutes, or ten.” She ran off and left us to converse.

Bee waited briefly. When she didn’t get whatever it was that she was waiting for, she went straight to her sewing machine to finish what she’d started. She left me in the middle of the room to feel like an idiot.

“You seriously going to make me stand here and twiddle my thumbs?”

The way Bee glared at me, that wasn’t the right thing to say. “Well, since the bedroom is being used by your cousin, who’s probably having phone sex with my nephew, there’s nothing else I can do for you. Isn’t that the only reason you come here?”

Dammit! This is why I don’t want a woman! “Why are you busting my ass? You’ve been like this since the morning we left London. What the hell did I do wrong?”

This comical woman went back to sewing and sewing hard. She revved up the monster-sized sewing machine as if she was driving a souped-up muscle car. If that’s how she wanted to play it, so Bee it! I wouldn’t fall prey to her mind games.

It was a long, silent ride to The Design Center and an even longer afternoon shopping for curtain fabrics and wood samples for kitchen cabinets. I thought I might slice a finger or two on one of the heavy kitchen appliances in order to escape the inevitable trip to the marble section at this place. Why the fuck did I need to sift through different white Carrara marble samples?

“It pissed me off that you could care less that I went off with Beau. It was as if you wanted to get rid of me. It was petty of me not to speak with you since then. I was acting like a foolish woman, mad at a man who doesn’t consider me anything more than a quickie.”

Finally she spoke! But what she said hit me hard. When had I become such an asshole to this woman…any woman? I had always thought of myself as a nice guy, never stepping on anyone’s toes. Was I taking my desire for freedom too far? Regardless of what I thought about marriage, I liked this woman.

“Would it make you feel any better to know that I waited up for you till you came home, drunk, from your date with Beau?” She held her lips tight doing her damnedest not to show any emotion. “And that I paced our bedroom for a good half-hour wondering if I should force you back to our bed, or if I should just join you in yours?” Those tight lips cracked into the tiniest of smiles. “And as much as I want to strangle that Cinderella cousin of mine with her never-ending happiness, I was never gladder to be her driver and slave today so I could see you.” That did it. Her smile gave me enough of a drunken buzz to lean in and kiss her. I could see Laney’s splitting grin from my peripheral vision but I didn’t give a damn. I’d brave the “I told you so” lecture for this sweet time with Bee.


BEE: To Bee or Not to Bee

Asshole, asshole, asshole! I could’ve killed Nick for the way he shrugged his shoulders like he cared less who the hell I spent my evening with, as long as we spent the night in bed together. At this moment, I felt like a whore. And it was also at this moment that I knew my feelings for Nick Reid ran deeper and stronger than I cared to admit.

When I looked over at Nick for “permission,” I didn’t think he’d give it to me. I thought he’d tell me we needed to get back to the flat, or make some excuse like, “Bee and I have plans this evening.” But nooooo! The jerk made me flinch when he gave his noncommittal shrug.

“Hey, Beau.” I gave my excuses before we caught a cab, on our way to this not-so-happy reunion. “Could we catch up back in the States? I’m technically here as a helper for my future in-laws, and I feel bad that I’m out having a good time while everyone else is packing and trying to contain three babies.”

Beau would always be Beau. This was reason number one million why it didn’t work for us. “Uh, sure. No problem. I’ll see you around.” He went about his way without feeling an ounce of remorse for what he’d done to me years ago. He didn’t even have the decency to catch a cab for me.

It was still early so I caught a ride to the local stores that I knew carried my line and went to see what they looked like on mannequins and on the hangers. I was pleased with the way my Spring/Summer collection was selling.

Having not a freakin’ thing to do in this city, I thought about pulling a Laney and watching a show, but decided instead to call on my new friend, Ruby. She and I got along well at tea, and by the look she gave me when Nick gave his non-answer, she knew what I was going through. I knew she’d be willing to go have a drink with me.


“Um…is this Ruby’s phone? I’m sorry, do I have the wrong number?”

“No. This is Ruby’s phone. Bee, this is Michael.”

“Hi Michael. Is Ruby not around?”

“She went out with some friends but forgot to take her phone. I picked up only because I saw your name on the screen. Can I help you with anything?”

“I thought she might want to go have a drink with me, but since she’s not there…” I didn’t know what else to say. Shit! I hated how pathetic I sounded.

I could tell Michael was grinning, close to laughing, on his end. “Didn’t work out with your Beau?”

“Even before we caught a cab, I remembered the reason I dumped him to start.”

“If you’re willing to commiserate with a different Bennington, I’d be happy to be your drinking partner.”

“Can you point us to a great bar with music that won’t hurt my ears?”

Michael was now fully laughing. “Are you more of a pub girl, or a fancy bar girl?”

“Probably a pub girl, but I don’t want to fight a crowd for a seat and I don’t want to shout and strain to listen to our conversation. If you can accomplish all that, plus take us to a place with great fish and chips, dinner and drinks are on me.”

“Now what kind of English gentleman would I be, allowing a lady to buy me dinner and drinks?”

“The same kind of English gentleman who let his girlfriend go find her happiness with my nephew.”

“If you promise not to carry-on about how ‘freakin’ gorgeous’ your nephew is, dinner and drinks are on me.”


Traffic in London was no joke, and the restaurant Michael picked had a line outside.

“Bee.” Michael greeted me with a wave over to the side of the restaurant.

“Where the hell did you bring me? This place is happening.”

“A friend of mine owns this place, and not only do they have the best fish and chips in London, but they also have an extensive bar and a good dozen beers on tap.”

“Is it warm beer? You know we Americans don’t do warm beer.” I let him know what I didn’t like before we sat in comfy chairs at this snazzy bar.

Michael explained, “If we sit here, it’ll be quiet, with a bar vibe, and comfy, with full dinner service. And the beer is the coldest in town. Once you get a taste of cold beer, it’s hard to go back.”

“How have you been doing since summer? Have you started dating again?”

Michael put in our first round of drinks and let out an unintended sigh. “You like oysters as much as Laney? You want me to order a dozen?” This man was still very much in love with the woman who was soon to be a Taylor.

“Let’s cut the formality tonight. Think of me as your drinking buddy, your older sister, your best friend. Tell me what’s been on your mind and in your heart.” Just because I was frustrated about relationships, that didn’t mean everyone else had to be in the same state.

“Laney Reid is who is on my mind and in my heart. What are the chances she and that nephew of yours won’t get married?”

“None! Negative! Nicht! You and she dated for a short two months. Is she that unforgettable?”

Michael swished his drink before gulping it down in one shot. “I believed she was going to be my wife the second I laid eyes on her.”

“You and she have that in common, huh? You knew she thought the same of Donovan?”

“Yeah, but she was ten at the time. What did she know?”

“Obviously she knew more as a ten-year-old, than we do as late-twenty-year-olds. Have you spoken with her or seen her since she left?”

“No. I’ve refused to see her or answer her calls. I can’t help but read her emails and texts. She gets all melodramatic or completely poetic whenever she sends her emails that look like school essays.” Michael smiled, finally. He was a handsome man, especially when he smiled. “She tells me about every facet of her life, except for the part about her fiancé.”

“Have you been out with anyone since Laney?”

“A few…no one exciting.”

“How about that girl, Lily, we met today? She had a Laney-esque aura about her.”

Michael grinned. “But not nearly as beautiful…” Then he trailed off. “Let’s leave the maudlin in the closet and talk about you. Tell me what’s been happening with your collection and how sales are going.”

“Well, since you’ve introduced me to a Mr. Whippy and those damn Flakes, I’ve gained ten pounds hoarding boxes of Flakes in my suitcase every time I visit London. Aside from the ten extra pounds I didn’t need, sales are through the roof. You English have a great sense of style and you’re rich enough to afford my clothes.”

“That’s fantastic!”

“God, I love the way you say that. ‘That’s fantastic!’” I mimicked. “It doesn’t get much sexier than a man with an English accent.”

Michael sighed again. “That’s what Laney said when we first met.”

“Buddy! Wake up!” By this point, we’d both done our share of drinking and not much eating. “Be like your grandfather and move on. There are plenty of women in the country of England and if the English girls are blind to your charm, good looks and wealth, cross the Atlantic and try another American girl.”

“Since it looks like you and I have both been cast aside by a Reid, perhaps we should give it a try?”

Was he serious?

Duchess Bee?


NICK: Tea With Lil’ Beau?

“Bee and I were almost man and wife…” This Beau draped a possessive arm around Bee and gave her a creepy smile. “Isn’t that right, Beeautiful?”

To say Bee was caught off-guard would be like saying Jake likes Emily. At one point while this Beau went on and on about himself and what’d he’d been up to since he and Bee separated, I pushed Bee’s chin up to get her to close her mouth.

“What?” she whispered.

I whispered for her ears only, “You’re going to start drooling if you don’t close your mouth. How the hell did the two of you get along when you both talk so damn much? Does this guy ever shut up?”

Bee laughed aloud, which forced Beau to shut up. Thank God! “I don’t think we’ve met. Hi, I’m Bee Taylor,” she spoke to the pretty gal who sat at the other end of the six-top. I always liked the way Bee made everyone feel welcome. She was Miss Congeniality at her best.

“Hello.” The girl waved. “I’m Lily. Thank you for letting me join you in this wonderful tea.” She seemed nice enough.

“How do you and Beau know each other?” Bee kept her in the conversation.

Not surprisingly, Beau answered for her. “Lily is new to our company and we are here for a seminar. There are a few more of us but only Lily was able to join us for tea.”

“So you two are not an item?” Ruby questioned.

“No. Not at all.” Beau said with another slimy look toward Bee. “We are co-workers and since Lily paid for the taxi this morning, I thought I’d return the favor and treat her to tea.”

“Where are you from, Lily?”

“I grew up in Jersey, but I’m staying with my sister and her family in Los Angeles until I can find a place. Bee, you sound like you’re American as well.”

“Nick and I are both from LA, too. What a small world. Where in LA are you staying?”

“I’m on the Westside, but I work in downtown LA.”

Bee gave a pretty smile. “I live in a loft in downtown. You should stop by one day. We could be friends.”

“That’d be great, Bee. What do you do?”

“I’m a clothes designer. Nick, here, is a med student. And I’m sure Beau told you about Ruby and Michael?”

This Lily, girl, woman, whatever she was, looked young. I pegged her at twenty-two or three, at most. But since she was colleagues with Beau, she must have been in her early to mid-twenties. There was a sweet innocence about her and Bee was doing her usual to keep the conversation interesting.

“How long are you in London for, Bee?” No surprise, it was Beau talking, again. I wished I didn’t have to hear this guy talk.

“I leave in a few days. Nick and I are here to help his brother’s family move back to the States.”

“Can we see each other before you leave?” Shit! Seriously? This asshole sees me sitting across from Bee and he’s asking to get together with her?

Bee shrugged her shoulder and answered, “I don’t see why not?” No fucking way! Did she really agree to meet with him? “Are we on babysitting duty, still?”

“I don’t know. Ask Emily,” I spit out, to her damn amusement.

“Wait a minute,” Lily interrupted our stare-down. “Are you by chance related to Emily and Jake Reid?”

What the hell? “Um, yeah. Jake’s my brother.”

“Oh my gosh! You’re Nick Reid! I’m Lily Jenkins, Sarah’s sister. Jake once told me he’d introduce us if I ever came out to LA. I feel like I know you, already.”

“Um…” Seriously, I had no idea what this girl was talking about. Who the hell was Sarah, and why had Jake promised to introduce us?

Lily giggled like a little girl. This girl was very different from the woman sitting across from me, in all ways. “You have no damn clue who I am or who my sister is, do you?”

“Are you even old enough to use four letter words?” Everyone busted-up with my question.

“My sister Sarah is Emily’s best friend!” Ding, ding, ding! “I see the light bulb has gone off.” Snarky little thing… “Do you remember when Emily came to visit our family that first Thanksgiving she was dating Jake? That was when he upgraded us to a fabulous suite at the W in Times Square and the two of them couldn’t get enough of one another?”

“Kind of?”

“You and your family were out to dinner when Emily called Jake, and I asked if he had a younger brother he could introduce to me because your brother was the ideal boyfriend at that time.”


“And that’s when he told me he’d introduce us if I ever got myself to LA. I think I was sixteen at the time and I thought we’d meet, fall in love, and get married when I graduated from high school!” The whimsical way she dreamed up this fairy tale made me chuckle.

“Shit, we’ve got another Laney on our hands!” Bee commented, and Ruby nodded in agreement.

“Sarah told me your cousin Laney is marrying the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on. Is that true?”

Michael jeered, “Only if you’re blind.”

Lily’s eyes popped open and she thought about the situation briefly. “Then you’re that Michael!” Lily was too excited. “I’ve heard all about you.” She was kind of starry-eyed and cute. “I feel like all the characters in my favorite romance novel have come alive! And you must be the clothes designer, Bee Taylor—aunt to Donovan Taylor.”

“I am.” Bee found Lily cute, too.

“Is he really even more handsome and more romantic than Jake?”

“Well…not to toot my own nephew…but he is pretty freakin’ gorgeous. And as for the romantic part, you’ll have to ask Laney and Emily. The two of them can duke it out and see who comes out the winner.” Funny Bee! She slammed Michael for his slam on her nephew. I loved this woman’s sense of humor.

“Do you have a picture of him?”

Bee took out her phone and pushed a button. “Hey, Slavedriver.” She was calling Laney. “Text me a picture of you and my nephew.” Laney must have asked why because Bee quickly said, “Respect your elder and just do as your Aunt tells you!”

“Cousin,” I interrupted Bee’s conversation, “we’ve abandoned the twins and are on our way to Florence.”

“You can’t do that, Nick. What will Emily do? She’s got three kids!” Laney was horrified with my brilliant news.

“If you’re so damn concerned and flabbergasted, come home and help. Why the hell am I moving your boxes in addition to playing with the mini-slavedriver, Elizabeth Reid?”

“Why do you have my fiancée in a tizzy, Cousin?” Donovan spoke in his lazy, arrogant drawl.

“Shit man. Come take care of the little girl who calls me Nick, but you, Unca.”

Donovan proudly announced, “I took Ellie and James out for their first ice cream cone the other day and told them that I was their only Uncle. Good one, huh? And that Ellie was smart enough to follow along. At least she can pronounce your name. She calls Max, ‘Ax!’”

My little niece was as darling as they came. I’d do just about anything for her, James, & JR.

“Get your asses back to the flat.” I put my foot down at this ridiculous situation.

“Damn, you can be a nag! We’ll be home first thing in the morning. Now stop bugging us.” Laney was back on the line. “Max and Jane found the winery they want to get married at and we’re taking in the scenery and sampling their goods. You’re breaking the romantic mood.”

I hung up on Laney, pissed as hell that I was at a tea with four other people I didn’t care to get to know.

“By morning, all the forces will be back and we will be home a few hours after that.” I informed Bee.

“I guess I can’t see you tomorrow, Beau. We leave sometime in the morning.”

“How about tonight?” the asshole asked.

Bee looked to me for permission and I was stumped. Just because we slept together last night didn’t mean we were tied to one another. If she wanted to see a friend, or an ex-boyfriend, ex-fiancé, whatever the hell he was…I had no right to tell her what to do.

“Well?” Bee put the ball in my court.



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Hope you are all enjoying Nick & Bee’s blog. I wrote another one today while sitting in my daughter’s orchestra performance (I gotta do what I gotta do…) and I had to stop because I wanted to cry. There’s your teaser for the day.


BEE: Tea with a Beau

“I can’t believe you left us with the twins and followed Max and Jane to Florence!” I yelled at Laney over the phone. “You four left in the middle of the night.”

“And I thought I was the drama queen.” Everyone was laughing at Laney’s statement and our predicament. “It wasn’t so dramatic or traumatic, Auntie. Jane needed help so I thought being the good cousin that I am, I should help her.”

“Nick and I are not happy with you.”

“Those twins are adorable! They’ll make you want to procreate once you get a taste of them.”

“You can consider your wedding gift, destroyed. I will personally burn each and every present.”

“Just admit you love being with Nick. You’re welcome, Auntie. Good-bye.”

The laughter continued in the background as she hung up on me. I wouldn’t admit, but she wasn’t wrong on many counts. These twins did grow on me, and I did enjoy my time with Nick. I enjoyed watching him care for his niece and nephew. I didn’t realize he had such a paternal side to him.

“Did you chew her out?” Nick had James on his shoulder and Ellie trailing, begging for a plane ride.

“Me too, Nick. Me too!” she complained.

“It’s Uncle Nick, not Nick.”

“No! My Unca!”

“Why are you yelling at your niece?” I picked up Ellie and put her on my shoulders, instead.

“She won’t call me uncle. She’ll only call Donovan, uncle, and he’s not even her uncle.”

“My Unca!” Ellie said while slapping the top of my head in glee.

“When do these kids go to bed?” Nick moaned.

Emily came in to the playroom and giggled at the sight of us. “How about I take over and you both go enjoy yourselves?”

“Yes!” Nick didn’t hesitate handing James and Ellie over to their mother.

“More, Nick!” Ellie commanded.

“No, Brat!” Nick answered with a smile and a kiss to her nose. “Tomorrow.” Without a warning, Nick grabbed my hand and we were outside, loving the freedom. “Where to?”

“What time is it? There’s this fabulous tea I went to last time with Laney and her then boyfriend. You want to go with me?” This jerk hesitated in his answer and that pissed me off. I was here helping out his family and he couldn’t even have a meal of my choice with me. “I tell you what. You go do whatever it is that you want to do and I’m going to tea by myself.” I didn’t wait for a response. I flagged down a cab and hopped in.

“You women are all a pain!” Nick grumbled, getting in the cab with me.

We had just ordered when I heard someone call my name with the most beautiful English accent. I didn’t know one syllable could sound so good.

“Michael!” I looked up in surprise. “Fancy meeting you here.” I stood up and gave him a hug.

“It’s nice to see you again.” He didn’t have that same fun-loving, happy-go-lucky feel about him this time. He was a bit austere and down.

“You need to smile more. It’s a more handsome look than the I-got-dumped-by-a-girl-many-moons-ago look you have plastered on your face.” The woman standing next to him howled in agreement.

“I’m Ruby Bennington.” She put out her hand. “I think you and I will get along splendidly.”

“I’m Bee Taylor and this is Nick Reid.” We all said our hellos. “I assume you’re the Ruby Laney drones on about all the time?”

“I am!” She was proud. “And I assume you are somehow related to that hottie fiancé of Laney’s?”

I laughed. Nick rolled his eyes. “He’s my nephew. Laney’s in Florence right now. Have you talked to her?”

“I actually saw her briefly, yesterday, along with her hottie fiancé, her cousin Jane, and Jane’s own hottie fiancé. You breed them gorgeous over in the States.”

“Nick, here, is Jane and Jake’s youngest brother.”

“Well, hello, Nick. I’m going to have to get to know the Reid and Taylor families better. I’m liking what I see.” This Ruby Bennington was a hoot and a holler. She was checking out (my?) man, up, down and around the corner.

“There are two more Davises to check out if you’re interested. One’s over in Rome and the other you can meet when you come to Laney’s wedding.” The three of us were still standing so I suggested we all sit before Nick got a neck cramp. “You here alone?”

“We are meeting a friend and a co-worker of his,” Ruby answered. “But I don’t see why we can’t join parties if you’re willing?”

I looked to Nick and he gave his curt nod. “How’d you see Laney?”

“She stopped by the house on her way to the airport.”

“Did you see her too?” I engaged Michael in our conversation.

“No. I was out,” was all he’d give me.

“Are you and Ruby coming to the wedding?”

Michael was quick to respond, “Probably not.”

Ruby was also quick to say, “Absolutely!”

Before I could say anymore, Nick asked Michael about his “line of work,” and I was purposely excluded.

“So Bee! I’m dying to see your clothing line. Laney wore every single one of your dresses and has shown me some of your lingerie. Where can I buy the Beeautiful collection?”

“It’s sold at…”

I was cut off by a bloody damn heart stopping surprise. “BEE!”

Shit. What the hell was he doing in London? “Beau!”


NICK: Bee Lauren Taylor?

Just what I needed right before finals—to take days off from school and fly into London to help my brother move his family back home. I wouldn’t have been so irked about doing this had I not been told by a smiley-faced Laney that I was expected to be on the plane. She caught me red-handed leaving Bee’s place.

And what the hell was up with Bee the other morning? It was unlike her to be so emotional. Shit, I didn’t need emotional in a woman. I was young. I didn’t want marriage, I didn’t want kids—though I adored my niece and nephews. I wanted freedom for as long as possible. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with Bee. She was fun, successful, carefree, and independent. These are all desirable traits in a woman. But I don’t want a woman!

“Nick!” Max had to shake me awake from this hellish mood. “What are you daydreaming about?”


“I know who he was daydreaming about.” Laney had that creepy happy mug.

“Who?” Max asked.

“Why do we three end up together at lunch all the time? And what are you doing here at the hospital, Laney?”

“Dad’s seminar is being held in the hospital auditorium.”

“That must work really well for the chief to have his daughter in his class. Don’t your classmates accuse your father of favoritism? I hear you’re the star student there.”

“They would, Nicholas, if I wasn’t the freaking star student in every class!” My cousin and future brother-in-law laughed more at me, than at her statement. She and Bee must have talked because no one called me Nicholas, but Bee.

“I knew you’d be a pain in my ass once you got to med school,” I complained.

“Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed. Was the other side empty this morning? Is that why you’re so pissy?”

“You and Bee still seeing each other?” Max had his signature serious-with-a-hint-of-laughter face.

“They are!”

“Stop speaking for me. Go bug your fiancé.”

“My fiancé is busy trying to conquer this litigious world for the good of the Reid family.”

If Laney wasn’t my cousin, I would have had a choice word or two for her, but I let her snarky remark go. Her bubbly attitude irritated me.

“Are you and Jane coming with us today?” I asked Max, hoping I wouldn’t be stuck listening to Laney babble endlessly about her wedding.

“We are, but we’re not staying in London. We’re moving on to Florence looking for wedding locations.”

“You guys seriously thinking about getting married there?”

“If that is what my beautiful fiancée wants, that is what she’ll get. I don’t give a damn where we get married. I just want to be tied to your sister.” He had that same stupid grin as Laney.

“I’m outta here. You two are sickening to be around. I don’t think I can eat anymore of my lunch.”

“Aw come on, Nicholas. We’ll stop being so happy.” Laney cracked up as soon as she said this, and Max followed suit. I got up and left.

Bee Lauren Taylor. Shorter, heavier, and more opinionated than the women I prefer to date, but beautiful in her own right. She looked like a Taylor with the wavy brown hair and unusual colored eyes, but she had a flavor all her own.

Being a child of a young mother and an older father, Bee was raised to be independent and not a rule follower. She wasn’t necessarily a rule breaker, but she didn’t see the need to walk the same path as most women. Out of high school, she chose to go to design school rather than a traditional four-year university. She’d been working in the garment industry since she was sixteen and didn’t have any qualms about setting up her own studio and shop out of the loft she owned. I respected all she’d accomplished in her short almost thirty years of life. She was a hell of a woman!

But that didn’t make her the woman for me. I just wanted to have fun with her and if she didn’t like where we were, which was nowhere, then even these casual meetings would have to end.

I packed a small duffle bag for this long weekend and chauffeured my sister, Max, Laney and Bee to the airport.

“Explain to me why I had to be a part of this trip?” I asked, still wondering how Bee and I ended up on this itinerary.

“Then, please explain to me, Laney Reid, how I ended up on this trip since I’m not a Reid and I’ve got more work than time to finish your gifts for the wedding!” I couldn’t tell whether Bee was pissed to be here or she was pissed with me for the way we ended the other day.

“You want to answer?” My sister turned it over to Laney.

“Nicholas.” Laney said this with her creepy smile. “Your mom asked for two more sets of hands to come and help with the twins. Your parents and Emily have been busily packing while Jake is wrapping up his work.”

“And?” Bee and I asked simultaneously.

“And since Jane and Max are going to be in Florence, and Donovan and I need to catch-up, you two have been selected to watch the twins.”

“What the hell?” We both yelled at Laney.

“Um…I think they need us to board the plane. Let’s talk more later.” Laney finished this sentence five feet away from us.

I was going to kill my cousin. She was now telling us that we were to babysit the entire weekend. I’d rather pack and move a grand piano, than take charge of those active toddlers. They would run me ragged.

“What’s going through your mind right now?” I asked Bee while taking her bag and carrying it up to the plane.

“I’m thinking Laney won’t live to see her fiancé in London in twelve hours.” Bee answered with an evil smile. I loved this side of Bee.

“And I’m thinking we’ve got to get her and Donovan back for tricking us into misery this weekend. Get on the plane. Let’s get drunk and come up with a plan or two to make them suffer,” I added.

Uncharacteristically, Bee grabbed my face and kissed me before we got on the plane. Up until now, we’d never even sat next to each other or admitted to anything but a casual acquaintance. However, this kiss was something else. “I love the way your devious mind works. Let’s give them hell, Nicholas!”

London with Bee? Why the hell not!

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