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And we have a winner…

Karen Hrdlicka is the winner of our Guess Who? contest with 7/12 correct answers. I was hoping yesterday’s 3-point Guess Who? would allow more of you to win an autographed book. Just because I’m a nice person, I’m going to send out one more multi-point quote. May I suggest you think the answer through and not look at what the first person or majority has answered? That tends to lead everyone in the wrong direction. Only one person got the answer correct, yesterday.

Karen – You have a book coming to you, so whether you participate today, I won’t count it against you.
Everyone else – This is one more chance to win an autographed book. Anyone can win if you give me three names in the correct order.

“Well, since you’re off the market too, I might as well dig a hole and bury myself.”
“Any new ( ) in your life?”
“How can there be when I was waiting for you to return? That kiss between us wasn’t hot and heavy enough?”


Guess Who? #10

Here’s your last Guess Who? and I’ve got a whopping 3 (individual) points up for grabs to help you all win an autographed book. Here are three quotes. I need three answers. Your answers must be correct and in the correct order of who said what. Please remember I don’t take late answers. You need to post by tonight, 11:59pm PST.

“You kissed (him)?”

“I’ve kissed him too. He’s a sweet kisser, huh?”

“Is it appropriate to talk about kissing another man?”


Happy Thanksgiving + Guess Who? + Teaser

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. As this is a day of introspection and giving thanks, I want to say thank you to all who have enjoyed my stories. I know I’ve said this in the past but I am constantly amazed whenever Reiders tell me how much they’ve been touched by my writings. Never did I expect this to happen. Though my Reidership is small in number when compared to other authors, I know it’s a strong and committed one.

Nick & Bee are almost here and this is the second to last Guess Who?. We have one lady out in the front with 5/8 correct answers, but many right behind her with 4/8 correct answers. Today’s is an easier one. Answer so you can win!
“I’d love for us to be flatmates. And no rent necessary considering this place is completely paid for by my grandfather. But what about your lover?”

Easy, huh??? (Though nothing is as it seems with me a lot of times!) There’s my Thanksgiving present to you…along with…a teaser! This is the gift that just keeps giving! I’ve posted another teaser for you on my website. I am told that iBooks is the only one offering a 5% sample of NPA – Donovan’s Story. If you haven’t already, check it out. You can also pre-order Donovan’s Story with iBooks and Nook.

Enjoy your day, enjoy the good food, and enjoy the teaser.



Guess Who? #8

“Boy, those are a serious list of disclaimers. You usually spell it all out to every girl before hanging out with her?”


Guess Who? #7

Please remember to post an answer by 11:59pm PST. I don’t go back and check yesterday’s answers.

Who’s talking?
“Women want to know exactly where you are going with any relationship. And a woman of Bee’s age, she’ll want to know if marriage is on your mind.”


Guess Who? #6

Can you believe there’s only a week left till Nick and Bee’s blog makes its debut? Get your friends to sign up ASAP! This is going to be another fun ride.

Guess Who? #6 is a tough one. You’ll have to do some research on earlier Indelible Love books.

“Oh my gosh! You’re Nick Reid! Jake once told me he’d introduce us if I ever came out to LA. I feel like I know you, already.”

If you think you know who this is, you might want to sit on it for a while. Right now, there are two ladies who have 4/5 correct answers. There will be four more Guess Who? questions to determine the final winner(s).


Guess Who? #5

Who said this?

“It’s freakin’ cold out here and the English get damn cranky in this weather. But otherwise, I’m doing well. How are you and the fam?”


Guess Who? #4

Please remember that this is a quote from the upcoming Nick & Bee’s blog and it is in “real time.”

Who said this?
“Well I’m sure you will do what is best for you. Just make sure you are doing what is best for Bee, too. That is what a gentleman would do, and that is the least I expect from you…as a Reid.”


A word of advice on Guess Who?

Helpful hints:
1. Answers must be posted by 11:59PST each day. I do not go back and check yesterday’s answers.
2. When answering, please remember that these quotes are from Nick & Bee’s upcoming blog, and blogs are generally in “real time.”
3. Please answer with the same email address. I have a spreadsheet of correct answers with corresponding email addresses. If you use different email addresses, I won’t know it’s the same person.
4. I don’t know how often I will send these out. It could be daily…or not. Check your email.
5. So far, I only have one Reider with all three correct answers! But, there are quite a few of you with two correct answers. Keep playing. You’ve got nothing to lose and an autographed book to win.


Guess Who? #3

Who said this?
“Do you need a place to stay? You are welcome to stay here…We are not exactly lacking for space.”

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