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Guess which book is #2 in most popular preorders?

Thanks to you ladies, UA is #2 in most popular iBooks USA preorders! You ladies are awesome. Thank you and please spread the word for me.



A dilemma, a decision and a dare

Dilemma – I have a few dilemmas with posting on Monday mornings now with this preorder option. I realize that many of you were able to get sample downloads of Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story. Because the book is so long, the 10% sample you got was only the tip of the iceberg, but that makes my Monday posts redundant since many of you have read it already. Then there’s also the dilemma of Kindle readers who have not received this sample download. What to do, what to do?

Decision – I decided to stop posting the diary entries on Mondays. BUT instead, I’ll post the entire sample download plus more on my website…

Dare – Here’s where you come in. It’s always fun to have a contest to stir up excitement level. I’m challenging you ladies to get me to 1000 likes on Facebook and I will post 10%  of UA (for those of you who haven’t downloaded) and another few more diary entries/percent (for those of you who have). Challenge begins now and will run till the end of this Wednesday.

Failure is not an option, Ladies! 1000 likes or wait till Oct. 24th!


UA preorders are all up!

What you’ve all been waiting for is here. All three vendors, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo, have preorders available for Unlikely Attraction – Delaney’s Story. If you considered purchasing this (900 page) book, I hope you will consider preordering. Here are some interesting facts about the benefits of preordering.

1. It will be available to everyone on the same day! (No more waiting, hurray!)
2. Increased odds of helping me land on some bestseller list! Publishing houses have always had this preorder tool available to them and it gave them a chance to catapult their authors onto the NYT or USA Today bestseller list by having all book sales record on the same week. Smashwords is giving indie authors the same chance.
3. A good preorder-sales will also increase the buzz for UA on iBooks, Nook, and Kobo.

In short, please preorder UA. For Kindle buyers, there are no preorders available for me, but I will have the book drop on the same day as the other three vendors.

P.S. As a thank you for preordering, I am attempting to release the book earlier than Oct. 24th. As always, I thank you for being a Reider!


Recommended Re(i)ds

Reider, Cindy L, asked me last week for a list of books I enjoy reading and I thought I’d make this list available to you all. I’ve created a new page on my website called Recommended Re(i)ds. I read half as much as I write and once I find a good author, I do what we all do – OBSESS and read all her books. Many times, I’m done with an author after her second book. It either becomes formulaic or doesn’t hold my interest any longer. But there are times when I find a wonderful author and can’t find enough hours in a day to read all her books!

Hope this list helps those of you who are avid readers. Feel free to add in the comment section of the Recommended Re(i)ds page of some of your favorites. A good book recommendation is always appreciated!



AGE 11 – Christmas

We always celebrate Christmas dinner at Uncle Bobby and Aunt Sandy’s house but this year, we had to have a Christmas Eve dinner. Mom told me why, but I can’t remember. I think it has something to do with someone going somewhere and…who knows…who the hell-o cares??? I get to open my Christmas presents very, very soon, and that’s all I care about‼!

     “Laney? Are you done getting dressed? We need to walk over to Uncle Bobby’s now.”
     “I’ll meet you there, Mom. I’m not quite ready.”
     “All right. Hurry up.”
     “OK.” Phew! I got out of that argument. You see, I bought another dress pretending to be Barbara Reid. Mom bought me this green, red and black plaid Christmas outfit. I know Christmas was all about green and red, but outfits with those color combination should be banned! I’d walk into Uncle Bobby’s house after most everyone arrived, then Mom wouldn’t be able to make a huge deal about me using her credit card…again!
     At age 11, it isn’t customary for girls to order their own clothes. Mom is a genius at decorations and party planning, but she needs a wee bit of help in the clothes shopping department. Take for instance today. She is wearing a red long pencil skirt with a green fluffy teacher-style Christmas cardigan that has Santa and his elves all over the knit sweater. It’s really the type of sweater you see on your elementary school teachers. You know the ones with bells for Rudolph’s nose, type of cardigans? My mom’s a beautiful lady. But the way she dresses diminishes her looks. I am not going to let her taste in clothes ruin my chances of being noticed by a certain someone whose family had been invited to spend Christmas with us.
     “Delaney Grace Reid!” Uh-oh! Why oh why did I have to run into Mom the moment I stepped into Uncle Bobby’s house???
     “Hi Aunt Sandy!” I turned my attention to my aunt and another lady who was standing next to Mom. “Hello.” I brought the other lady into our conversation.
     “Hi Laney. Beautiful dress.” Aunt Sandy winked at me. She was so smart and helpful. She already assumed the trouble I was in with my mother.
     “Who are you?” The stranger asked. “Is she yours, Babs?”
     “She is…” The way Mom said that wasn’t good…I was so busted!
     “What’s so funny, Sandy?” The stranger wanted answers and she was about to get them.
     “Hey, little girl!” My savior! Donovan would save me from this mess.
     “Hi Donovan! Hi Jake! Hi Kelley!”
     “Hey, Cousin. Don’t you look pretty, tonight!”
     “Nice dress, Laney.” Did I tell you how much I loved Kelley? “You pick it out yourself?”
     “Um yeah, and my generous mom bought it for me. Isn’t she nice? It wasn’t even on sale but I was able to purchase it.”
     Mom’s face crinkled like a french fry. “And how generous was I, Delaney Grace Reid?”
     “Give me a ballpark figure.”
     While I was doing this song and dance with Mom, Aunt Sandy whispered to everyone in the room about my “identity theft” habits. The stranger, who turned out to be Mrs. Taylor, laughed aloud. The three collegians, laughed almost as loudly as Mrs. Taylor. I, for one, was hoping Dad would walk in and save me if Donovan Taylor wasn’t going to jump in.
     “Please tell me this dress was south of $100.”
     I let out a weak, “hahaha…” and tried to walk out of the kitchen.
     “You may not leave here till you give me a clear answer, young lady.”
     “Oh, all right!” In my bravest voice I said, “With tax and delivery it cost $300.” Mom gasped – like, loudly! “But, I have $200 saved up from doing all my chores. I’ll pay for $200 of it, and if you’ll let me put it on lay-away, I’ll pay it off in less than a year. I’ll still do all my chores and you don’t have to give me my $10 allowance.”
     Mom had her hand on her forehead. Everyone else just outright laughed at me. I had no idea why any of this was funny!
     “And by the way, Mom…I do most of the chores in the house, but get paid the same as Doug. There’s something wrong with this system. Also, how is a girl supposed to buy anything when she only gets paid $10 a month? I’d have to save up for almost three years before I could buy a dress. And what about shoes? I’d be in college before I could save up for a pretty dress and a pair of decent dress shoes.”
     Mom’s head titled back and all I heard was a sigh.
     “You know, Laney,” my dream man spoke up, “I haven’t bought you a Christmas present yet. Why don’t I pay for the rest of your dress?” Gaaawwwddd‼! Did I ever tell you I love this man?
     “No.” What a party-pooper that Barbara Reid was! “That’s way too much for Donovan to be paying for your irresponsibility.”
     Come on, Mom! Can’t I just accept and move on?
     “How about if I chip in with Donovan?” I love Jake!
     “I’ll chip in, too. Then it’s only $33 a person.” Kelley smiled at me.
     I ran over and hugged all three of my saviors – of course Donovan got the last and longest hug.
     What a fantastic Christmas!


A Surprise Coming Your Way

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Synopsis of Unlikely Attraction

(This is the synopsis that will be printed on the “back cover” of Unlikely Attraction)

Being a part of the Reid family, Delaney Grace Reid has seen her share of dreams come true. Her grandmother began the fairy tale and most recently, her cousin Jake found his true love and married her in a picturesque wedding on the Fourth of July.

Delaney has always been a realistic dreamer. She knew from an early age that Donovan Taylor was the only man she wanted to marry and never wavered in her twenty-two years of life. Not much different from her favorite fictional heroine, Cinderella, her initial “courtship” with Donovan paralleled Cinderella’s relationship with the wicked step-sisters and wicked step-mother, combined. Also like Cinderella, she looked upon each day with a smile and hoped that he’d notice her and become her prince one day. Even with the help of “Jaq,” “Gus,” and “Bruno,” (namely, Jake, Emily, and the Reid family), Donovan never actualizes his feelings for Delaney, and at the end of their ball, she reluctantly chooses to look elsewhere for her prince.

At last the glass slipper is found, and Donovan comes to realize what’s been lost and chases after our princess in no less a fairy tale-fashion. He courts her through Europe and proves to her that a “dream is a wish your heart makes,” and that he will make all her dreams come true. Should Delaney believe in this dream come true or should she beware of enemies lurking about to squash her final hope?

Unlikely Attraction is for the young at heart who wished upon a star, once upon a time. It will make your heart feel like it’s falling in love for the very first time, and when not feeling giddy with joy, tears of heartache will flow. This book is for lovers and dreamers who know that their prince will come no matter the obstacle before them. For princesses who believe that their glass slipper is half-full, this is the story for you. Half-empty princesses need not download.


Unlikely Attraction – October 24, 2013

Unlikely AttractionMore info on pre-ordering to come.


AGE 10 – Summer Break

I believe I mentioned that I love the water? We swim a lot in the summer time. We usually go to Gram’s backyard to swim because she has the biggest pool and because my daddy and uncles put in a humongo slide in Gram’s pool. There are actually three slides built in a crazy, curvy, swurvy way that criss-cross above and below each other, and eventually straighten out to a side-by-side-by-side slide. Sammy, who is my age, and I are on this slide, daily. Today, almost every cousin on the block decided to join us and we had a gigantic party. The water guns were out, all the floaties were blown up and we lounged, played water tag, cannonballed into the pool, and had water slide races. I love summer. What about no homework, no school, and no mom nagging me about studying wouldn’t I like? Doug and I are going to some camp in a few weeks, but for now life is good. And of course, it got better the moment Donovan stepped into the backyard with Jake and cannonballed into the pool. We all gave them a wide berth and Donovan popped up right next to me!

     “Hello, little girl. How have you been?”
     “I’m good. How are you, Donovan?”
     “Great now that I see you!” Gaaawwwddd! Could he be anymore perfect??? “Whatcha’ got planned for the summer?”
     “I’m going to swim every day till Mom ships us off to the East Coast for three weeks for some summer camp. Then I’ll be right back here, swimming again.”
     “I’ll be in the East Coast as well doing an internship. What state are you going to be in?”
     “Um…Michigan? Minnesota? Montana? Dunno. Can’t remember which state, but it starts with an M.”
     Donovan started guffawing. “None of those states are on the East Coast. Those are more Midwestern states. Maybe Maine?”
     “Maybe. Who knows? I just know that Mom and Dad are getting rid of us so they can take a vacation without us. I heard they’re going to be all over Europe. Dad’s taking a few weeks off from the hospital and vacationing ‘in peace.’” I curled my two forefingers and two middle fingers and made the quotation marks while saying the words, “in peace.” Donovan laughed even harder. “What’s an internship?” I asked.
     “It’s where you work, but don’t get paid.”
     “Why would you or anyone want to do that?” Maybe Donovan wasn’t as smart as I thought he was. Why would anyone be tricked into working for no dinero? Even I knew that wasn’t a smart thing to do.
     “It’s so I can get experience in a certain field to determine whether or not I want to work in that field.”
     “Are you going to be gone the whole summer?”
     “I am, little girl. I’ll miss your smiling face and genius-sized vocabulary.” Oh my gosh! He would miss me! Maybe he likes me like I like him? “Hop on my back, little girl. Let’s go challenge your cousin Jake to a water slide contest.”
     Of course I got on his back and stayed on his back as long as I could. Donovan’s younger sisters were so lucky to have such a great big brother. He was so much fun to be with. I doubt he bugged them like Doug bugged me. After beating both Donovan and Jake on the slide three out of five times, I hopped up on his back, and Donovan started spinning me like crazy. Sammy was on Jake’s back and both of them started spinning us in the pool.
     “Donovan, stop! I’m really dizzy.”
     “Just hold on a little bit longer, Delaney. We have to beat Jake and Sammy. We need to be the last two standing in this dizzy contest.”
     Being the competitor that I was, I wanted to win and I didn’t want to let Donovan down. I held on, closed my eyes and tried to think of something that would make me less dizzy. Finally, Donovan stopped and we both collapsed into the water. Immediately, I could feel the throw-up coming up my throat. I walked/ran as fast as I could in the pool to try to get to a restroom.
     “What’s the matter?” Donovan stopped me as I got up on the first step. I did my best to get my wrist out of his hand, but he held it tighter the more I fought it. “You okay?”
     I turned around quickly to tell him that I was sick and that I needed to throw up, but as I started saying those words, the most horrifying thing happened to me. I threw up on myself, first. And if that didn’t make me want to die right then and there, as Donovan tried to step back and get away from me, I let out the most God-awful projectile throw-up right on his head and face.
     I ran away from everybody, leaving a trail of throw-up, all the way to the pool house. God, just kill me now!


AGE 10 – Spring Break

(Just because I am tired of editing…)

Can you believe my luck??? Daddy says we are going to Hawaii – the Big Island this time – when we could be camping with Jake’s family and Donovan’s family‼! I begged and begged, but Daddy says he doesn’t camp. Who wants to go to the Big Island and stay at some place with a weird name like Four Seasons Hulahula, or something like that, when you can sleep in tents and see a bear in Yosemite?

     “But Dad!” Jane had her own complaints. “Why are we going camping instead of Paris this spring? I don’t want to sleep on the ground. I don’t want to shower in a public place. And I don’t want to take all these long hikes you keep mentioning.”
     “Sweetheart, it’ll be a lot of fun. I promise! This will probably be the last time the entire family can get together, both for us and for the Taylors. We will rent two large RVs and spend ten days in nature.”
     TEN days with Donovan??? Why Jane and not me??? WAAAHHHH‼! I really wanted to cry.
     It was a bummer to be in Hawaii with just the four of us, but I had to admit, it was fun. I got to parasail, and surf and take water skiing lessons. We went to a luau and saw the big volcano. Doug bugged me so much on this trip I thought I was going to go coo coo for cocoa puffs. But overall, it was fun to be in Hawaii, again. I hope Jane won’t brag about her trip to Yosemite when I see her. I so don’t want to hear about her and Donovan!

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