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Monday’s diary entry will be the same as one of the teasers I posted on my FB page a little while ago. So…(drum roll, please…) I have decided to send out two diary entries. Whether they will come together or a few days apart, I haven’t decided yet. Have a great (long) weekend!


Just a reminder…

It brings a smile to my face to know you enjoyed this morning’s diary entry. This is just a reminder that these diary entries are part of the Unlikely Attraction book and will only be posted once a week on Mondays. This is not a blog and there will be no Thursday post. Also, a few of you have mentioned that you have not been receiving emails from me. I’m unsure why this is happening, but if this has happened to you and you are reading my message though FB or twitter, please subscribe again.

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Age 9 – Summer Vacation

It all started with a diary that my friend Alice Hancock gave me at my 9th birthday party. It was pink and sparkly and came with a lock and key. Of course, I quickly attached the key to my bracelet and starting August 7, 1999, I wrote in my diary daily. There was not a day that went by when I didn’t record what happened to me. Looking back, most of the entries were boring, but this is what got me writing and interested in a possible future career as a scriptwriter. And who would have known, that a wee bitty diary would lead me to the wedding of my dreams. But…I’m getting ahead of myself. The following are just highlights of what led to this beautiful Christmas Day.

      “Laney, where are you? We’re all loaded and ready to leave. Please don’t lag behind. Your cousins and brother are waiting for you in the RV,” Mom yelled while I searched for my diary. I had to take it on my trip since I was going to write about all the details of Yellowstone National Park.
     “I’m looking for my diary,” I yelled back. Of course, I didn’t really yell at my mother, but I was getting a bit worried.
     “If it’s that pink book with a lock, I think I saw Doug with it in the RV.”
     “What???” I ran down the steps and hurried into the RV. Doug was holding my diary on a table and Nick had a hammer in his hand, raised up to the roof of the RV. My cousin was about to swing down on my treasured book.
     “NO‼‼!” I yelled as loudly as I could.
     My scream freaked out both boys and the hammer ended up hitting Nick on his thigh on its way down, and Doug on the chin on its way up. Lucky for me, the diary was safe! The boys weren’t too badly injured, either.
     “What’d you do that for?” Doug and Nick yelled back at me. They looked so funny hopping around the RV trying not to cry from the pain.
     After laughing as much as I wanted to at them, I argued back, “Serves you right for being nosy. I hope you both suffer the entire trip.” With that, I ran out of our RV and into Jake and Jane’s RV.
     Jake is the coolest, smartest and best-looking boy cousin a girl could ask for. All my friends have a crush on him. He is going to be a senior in high school and he always dates the prettiest cheerleaders. I’m going into 4th grade, Doug is going into 6th grade, Nick is going into 7th grade, my cousin Jane is in 8th grade. We all go to the same school and Jake is the only one who says hi to me if he sees me on the playground. Of course, he isn’t playing handball or tetherball like me and my friends. When he is sometimes walking across the field and sees me, he’ll rub the top of my head and call me Squirt. All my friends get so jealous because he only talks to me.
     Jane is sometimes mean and ignores me. She is only nice when she wants something from me. But, since she is in the junior high campus, I don’t see too much of her. My brother for sure ignores me. Nick generally says hi, but he is also on the other campus so I don’t see much of him either.
     “Why are you in our RV?” Jane was not nice today. Maybe she was on her period. I don’t know exactly what a period is but that’s what I hear the boys giggling about whenever she is in a foul mood.
     “Nick and Doug tried to break open my diary, so I came here to get away from them.”
     “You and your silly diary. Why do you always write in that thing?”
     “‘Cuz I like it. Why do you always talk on the phone whenever I come over to your house?”
     “‘Cuz I like it,” she said in the same way I did. I think she was making fun of me.
     “Are you on your period?” I asked.
     Jane screamed louder than I did when I saw my diary about to be hammered open. Maybe a period is something you don’t want destroyed. Who knows?!?


Unlikely Attraction Diary Post

I wanted to remind you all that the first diary entry will be posted Monday morning 12:01PST. Encourage your friends to subscribe now. I can’t wait to read your comments again.


Smashwords Interview

Check out the new interview on my Smashwords page. This is another way Smashwords is helping authors reach new readers. Feel free to comment or ask questions you would like answered.



Feeling like an empty-nester

It’s hard to believe that I started this journey on Dec.7, 2012 with A Harley Man? and  have come full circle with A Ducati Man!, 8-months later. I started with one Reider who goes by the name of “Niteowl” as soon as the first blog was published, and have grown to more than 500 subscribed Reiders.

I liken seeing the end of Max & Jane to sending my firstborn off to college. Max and Jane have grown up in the eyes of the Reiders and they’ve found their happily ever after. Though they are not married, yet, we all share in the confidence that they will get to the altar as soon as their situations will allow them. During this time, we’ve also seen another relationship (or two) blossom and spawned off into a book of their own. Unlikely Attraction will star two very unlikely people I ever thought would fall in love with one another. When I started this blog, I did not have these two paired up in any shape or form. Organically and beautifully, these two grew into a couple and I can’t wait to show you their love story. It will truly make you feel like you’ve fallen in love for the first time, all over again.

Typical of the Reid family, they will all appear in UA, from start to finish. You’ll also get to know Roland and Estelle’s history as well as the Taylor parents and sisters. But best of all, you’ll see them in beautiful locales all throughout Europe. Writing this book has kept me back in Europe and I’m still having withdrawals from my vacation.

Since MJ is done, you’re probably wondering what’s next. I am working very diligently on UA but this one is going to take a bit longer since the story won’t stop in my mind. BUT, to tie you over, I’ve got a little gift for you. For those of you who’ve received the 15-page teaser, you know that UA is divided into three sections. These sections are called “Mo(u)rning,” “(New) Day,” and “(K)Night.” The first section, “Mo(u)rning,” are all a series of diary entries from our heroine, Delaney Reid. When I started writing UA (in the midst of writing MJ), I couldn’t get out of the blog mode, so I found a happy medium and wrote this section as diary entries. Each entry has a date and a title just like the blogs, but is written in paragraph format, rather than block format. The next two sections are written like a novel.

Starting Monday, Aug. 26, 2013, I’ll release ONE diary entry per week. I’ll warn you now, the entries in the beginning are short as they are written by a young Laney. As she gets older and her life gets more complicated, each entry gets longer. I will release one entry every Monday till the book is out. How many entries you’ll get will be a surprise, even to me.

So this is my way of keeping in touch with you and I hope you’ll continue to write in your comments and (strong) opinions after each journal entry. Also, if you have any MJ questions that weren’t answered in your mind, feel free to leave them here and I’ll try and answer them.

Oh! One last news. I have made MJ Vol. 1 free on Smashwords, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. Amazon will not allow indie authors to make their book free unless you (the buyer) write in to them and complain. Then, they will match the free price. Feel free to download from the first four sites, or to complain to Amazon. Also, please let your friends know about MJ Vol. 1. I don’t know how long it’ll stay free, but I thought this would be a good way to introduce new readers to my writings. Thanks for you support and have a great weekend!





I’m so very happy this has been approved. For those of you who have been waiting…enjoy!

I will also honor the 15-page UA teaser for an iBooks review. Please remember that I don’t know if you have written a review and I also don’t know your email address till you bring it to my attention.

Happy Reiding!


MJ Vol. 2 – Nook!


😉 !

P.S. I will honor the 15-page UA teaser with any Nook review as well.


MJ Vol. 2 is up on Kobo

Finally, it’s up on a site other than Kindle and Smashwords. I got confirmation today that Apple and B&N have picked it up and approved it. Hope to see it in their collections soon.


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