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I was having major problems with this WordPress blogsite, but now I think it’s fixed.  Here is a blog I sent out earlier today that did not get emailed.  Please read, if you haven’t already through Facebook.


(Too) Many Secrets Revealed

As always, there are at least ten things going on in my life, and all at the same time.  After we got home from our 11-day Europe trip, late Wednesday night, hubby and I took a 6-hour road trip to Northern California early Friday morning to pick up our daughter from her summer school.  She’s back and acclimated to home life.  Our son comes home tonight from his 3-week East Coast trip and I’m very excited to see him and to hear of his adventures.  Out of all of us, he probably had the most exciting 3 weeks.

Home life is all good and I thought it was time to give you an update on the projects I have been juggling.

Emily’s Storyis almost ready for distribution.  I will upload the cover today and they will print and mail me a first copy of the book.  Then, I will order them and get them ready to distribute to you.  You will then have two choices.  You can order them directly from Amazon.  Or, you can order a limited supply from me and I will personalize and sign each copy.  Prices will be the same, except I will have to add a shipping cost.  More exact info will follow as I get pricing info, soon.  There are two extra chapters in this book that I deleted and rewrote when publishing the ebook.  I thought you might like to read those two deleted chapters.

Jake’s Storyis also now in the physical book publishing stage.  It will take a good two months for this one to be done, but I’ve started the process on this book as well.  I think of all my books, this has been the Reiders’ favorite. Because I know you want it, I’ve decided to include an extra chapter here as well.  I just started writing a bit of what happened at the wedding reception between Jake, Donovan, Max, Laney and Jane, and what eventually happens when the reception is over and Jake and Emily are in their honeymoon suite.  As I’m only a page in, we shall see where this one will go.

Entwined – is probably my best and favorite work of all my books, though it’s really hard to choose.  It looks like it’ll be dethroned by Unlikely Attraction, but for now, it still stays as my favorite.  This will be the next one up to be put together as a physical book.  If you haven’t read this story, I highly encourage you to take the emotional plunge.  But be warned, you will need a full Kleenex box next to you.

MJ Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 – will be combined when it comes out as a physical book.  I’m unsure if I’ll add a few more extra blogs to this one.  I only add extra storyline when I feel I haven’t done a complete job of telling the story.  That’s why there are prologue blogs that precede MJ’s Story in Vol. 1, and extra blogs in Vol. 2 that fit throughout the book.  I hope to have this as a physical book by the end of 2013.

Unlikely Attraction – is coming along beautifully and those of you who’ve read the 15-page teaser know how gloriously heart-wrenching this one will be.  This is the book that will make you reminisce about your first love, regardless of whether or not that love was returned.  Remember those days when you felt like a bipolar patient going from giddy to grief-stricken depending upon what your crush did or say to you? It’s all going to come back when you read about Laney and Mr. Donovan Taylor.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be finished by late fall.

Near Perfect Attraction – Yes!  This one is the companion book to UA.  As I write UA, Donovan keeps talking to me so I’ve started jotting down what he was saying to me.  I’m sure you are all wondering what was going on with the three women on his mind and in his heart.  He will tell all.  This one will be different from Jake’s Story.  Though it will all be from Donovan’s POV and follow the timeline of MJ and UA, it will come off as a completely new book.  There are always scenes that we never get to witness at an event because we can only focus on so many people.  Well, Donovan’s Story will come from that angle, and he will not be shy to tell all.

The Next Blog – There will be another blog after MJ, but not until the end of 2013, or early 2014.  I wrote the opening blog last night but have to sit on this story for a while.  I will play around with it and give you more info when I have more definitive info.

As you can see, I have a lot on my table for someone who writes part-time.  Yes, I still have a day job, and yes, I’m still a full-time mother and wife.  And yes, I am wondering how all of these projects will come to fruition.  Yikes!  What have I gotten myself, into???  Enjoy the rest of MJ’s blogs and once that’s done, I do have one more surprise for you.  But for now, I think I’ve said too much…


One last note on reviews + UA teaser info

Thank you to so many of you who have written honest and heartfelt reviews on Amazon and Smashwords.  They are all read and appreciated.  I did want to let you know that after you write a review, you need to email me your email address.  I don’t have any special access to Amazon records and am not able to look up your email addresses.  As soon as you send me your info, I’ll be happy to send over the 15-page teaser.  You’re all still welcome to write a review and to send me your email address.

A few answers to your questions on Unlikely Attraction – yes, it is a book, and as for the release date, I am unsure.  I am hoping for a late fall release, but I won’t know till I get further along in my writing.  I am currently finished with the Mo(u)rning phase, but there are two more phases to go.  I’ll keep you abreast of my progress.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email.


UA Teaser

Happy Sunday, Friends!

I’ve emailed a 15-page teaser to those of you who have kindly written a review for me on Amazon or Smashwords for MJ Vol. 2.  I did my best to correctly copy every email address, but I could have made some errors.  If you have written an Amazon or Smashwords review for Vol. 2, and if I didn’t send you a teaser, please email me immediately and I’ll rectify the error.  Thanks, again, and yes…tonight is blog night for those of you who are patient enough to wait.  See you at 12:01am.


A gift for a gift

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Edie, Lizet Marquez, mhine2012, S. Adams, DCT, Daniela, Jodi Pollard and KRS, for the awesome MJ Vol. 2 reviews on Amazon and Smashwords.  Your kind words mean a lot to me. It not only encourages me to keep writing, but it also encourages other readers when they come upon my work.

I know it’s a pain to go back to the sites and to write a review, so as a thank you, I’d like to send you a generous teaser for Unlikely Attraction.  Send me your email addresses and I’ll soon send you what I have.  Thank you, again!

P.S. If by mistake I left someone out, or if you have written a review since, send me your email address and I’ll send you what happened between Donovan and Laney at Ashley’s wedding.


How to read Vol. 2 on Nook or iBooks, NOW

For those of you who cannot wait, Smashwords is your solution. If you purchase on Smashwords, you will have the option of downloading the book to Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or whatever else you might have.

I am on the road right now, so I cannot provide a link for you. Please look at my previous email for the Smashwords’ link.


One more thing…

Here’s the UK Amazon listing.



You can get all your answers NOW!

Amazon and Smashwords have published it.  For those of you who read through iBooks and Nook, it’ll probably take another week or so as those e-retailers lag a bit.  Your solution would be to get a Kindle app or to buy it on Smashwords as it will allow you to download through any e-reading device.

Once you’re done with the book, PLEASE write a review for me, whether through Goodreads or Amazon or the e-retailer of your choice?!?  Also, I set up a page on my website last night for you to discuss how you feel about the ending of the book without giving away spoilers to those who do not wish to purchase the book.  Come on over there and let me know what you think.

Enjoy the Reid!


MJ Vol. 2 News

Hello from London!

This trip has been a fairytale thus far. From New York to Amsterdam to Tuscany to London, hubby and I are enriched, in awe, and exhausted.

I am writing to let you know MJ Vol 2 is coming soon which means, I will be taking down the archives. If you want to reread, do so soon. Even after Vol. 2 is published, I will continue to publish the rest of the blogs for those of you who don’t wish to purchase the book. But, I will not publish any of the extra blogs. Those will be exclusive to the book.

I’m hoping to set up some sort of Q&A after MJs blogs are over for those of you who still have questions about the story. I’ll have to look into how that can be done. And once the blogs are completely done, I’ll let you know what’s going to happen with Unlikely Attraction before it gets published.

Have a great rest of the week and see you Thursday.


Andrea Bocelli, live in Lajatico, Italy

Hello All!

Those of you who follow me on FB know that l went to see Andrea Bocelli last night in the rolling hills of Tuscany.  The setting, the music, the food…AMAZING! I took a video of Andrea singing Con Te Partiro.  Enjoy.  (Sorry about the unwanted sing-along.)


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