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An fyi + a teaser

Monday’s blog may not go out on time as I will be on a mini road trip this weekend and I’m unsure when I’ll get back. I know many of you (in other time zones) wait up for the blog, and I wanted to let you know not to do so, Monday morning. Though I can publish via my mobile phone, wifi could be sketchy.

Here’s a teaser for Monday’s “The British are coming, the British are coming!”

“We were drunk on emotion when we first kissed. It was like we were on the rebound. Let me try this when we are both of a clear mind and decide this is definitely not it.”

“NO‼!” I pleaded. This situation made me laugh at this point. “I don’t want to make out with my brother, please…!”

“This will be the last favor I ask of you, Jane.”

“Oh, all right!” I acquiesced, but soon started giggling when his face got real close to mine.

Donovan, too, started laughing. “This is a shit of an idea, huh?” He said when our lips were separated only by an invisible sheet of paper. He couldn’t go any further than this. Donovan, too, knew this was unnecessary. We were NOT attracted to one another. Instead, Donovan lifted his head and was about to talk when we were distracted by someone.

“…Miss, that’s not the right room. It’s the one next door…”

“Okay…sorry…” a voice cried then disappeared.


MJ – What now?

I’ve loved reading all your comments concerning Max, Jane, and Donovan. Whether or not I agree with your thoughts, I love the fact that you have such strong ideas and beliefs. I think the past few blogs have been the absolute climax of my plot line and as of this Thursday, we begin our descent into the denouement. I know it’s been frustrating for many of you this month, but the end is near.

And speaking of the end, MJ Vol. 2 is done on my part, but will take a bit of time being released. It needs to be looked over a few more times for grammatical, structural and conceptual errors.  I also like to write out a story ahead of time, and sit on it for a bit. It all needs to make sense to me. I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy with the ending no matter who ends up with whom. Each person has his and her own destiny that can’t be fought.

Between my kids’ different schedules this summer, and our scheduled summer trip, I’m hoping to have Vol. 2 released before the blogs are done. The last blog is slated for Aug. 26th and with a little extra effort, MJ Vol. 2 might come out earlier, if all goes well.

Thank you for loving, hating, being heart-broken for my flawed characters. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think these characters are much different than we are in daily life. Getting to intimately know someone in the course of seven months, you see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Like I’ve said in the past, this is like reality TV, except it’s a fictional (reality) blog. I hope you’ll be a bit more patient with our lead characters as they are learning much right now, navigating their way through this game of life.



Blogs for this week only are on MWF.


Facebook 500!

We got it with the help of a few men at the very end.  You ladies earned three blogs this week!

Maybe when we reach 1000 likes, I’ll send out a long excerpt of my newest book, along with the title.  That one is sure to tickle your fancy!  Enjoy the blogs and send in your comments.  Tomorrow is another doozy…


500 “Likers” on Facebook

A little while back, Kimberly from Book Reader Chronicles (the blog site I’d done a “get a character named after you” contest) asked if I’d like to add to her swag bag for her giveaway. I happily agreed to giving a signed copy of Indelible Love -Emily’s Story (available mid-summer) and I just learned this morning that this contest has begun ttps://www.facebook.com/DWCee/posts/495611833850032 .

I also promised on my FB page that when I got to 500 “Likers,” I’d offer a thank you post of some kind. Seeing as how 500 is just around the corner, I’d like to offer three options and give you the choice of which post you’d like to see.

Here are the options:
1. Three blogs the week after we reach 500. (Just to clarify, I’m not writing an extra blog, I’m just posting an extra, already existing blog – and you may need three after Monday’s blog!)
2. Another excerpt of Unlikely Attraction.
3. The title and an excerpt of another new book – it’s from a male Reid, Davis, or Taylor POV!

Here are the rules:
1. Pick only ONE choice. I will not count your vote if I get more than one answer from the same person.
2. Post on my FB page only and not here on my website. (Helps everyone with the tabulations)


Where is Max?

MJ Teaser – “Like Alice falling down that little hole”

I dialed Max’s number again for the 20th time today and this time got a message that his service had been temporarily halted. Did he not pay his bill on time? Was he doing this to punish me? What was going on?

“Josh? Do you know why Max’s phone is not going through?” I prayed that there was a simple solution to this gigantic mess.

“No clue. I just called him myself and noticed that his phone wasn’t working.”


T-minus 14 hours and counting…


And now, a word from the author :)

In today’s blog, you Reider(s)…

Generated a record number of responses (between website and FB),
Hated Jane, Max, Donovan – and in all combinations of the three,
Paired up Jane with Max, Jane with Donovan, Laney with Max, Laney with Donovan,
Had Jane pregnant, NOT pregnant
Hated the author for making you wait till Thursday, begged the author to bring Thursday quicker,
Accused the author of rehashing old storyline, of being predictable (this is one I’ve never heard before)
Stayed loyal to your team, flopped over to the other side.

In short, it was a successful blog! I know it wasn’t what you were expecting, and I know you are frustrated.  Many of you will get your wish, many of you will question what the main characters are thinking, but none of you knows how this will end, so sit back, breathe, and enjoy this ride.  I’m currently writing the second to the last Max & Jane blog and it’s bittersweet for me.  As much as I don’t want this to end, the story needs to go on with other characters as the hero and heroine.  Vol. 2 will probably still come out sometime early Sept., but I hope to have Unlikely Attraction out to you sooner than December.

I wanted to address one issue on karma coming back to bite Max in the rear end.  When I wrote today’s storyline back in April, I’d forgotten all about that part of Emily’s Story until one of you sharp Reider mentioned it.  I guess what goes around comes around, and though you may think there are some similarities to the two stories, trust me when I say, these two story are NOT the same.  Please be patient with my characters.  As I’ve told you at the beginning of this month, this is a time of introspection and growth.  Just know that I am a firm believer in happily ever afters!



What will happen on Jane’s Birthday?

I wrote on my FB page yesterday that Monday’s post was going to rock Jane’s world (and maybe yours as well). I’m thinking of sending out a teaser, but I’d love to hear your thoughts, first.

Jane will receive two huge surprises even before she leaves the house for work. What do you think they are? You can post your answers here or on my FB page. Happy Surmising!

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