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MJ’s future

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UA Teaser, anyone?

MJ July blogs are done. I’ve posted on FB my favorite lines in UA so far.



Fun News + a Teaser

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

My hubby and son are off to a Boy Scout river rafting trip for the weekend and my daughter will be off to an overnight birthday party extravaganza, so yours truly will probably be home, writing. I am still stuck in July with MJ’s storyline because all I’ve been doing lately is writing UA. I’m at the 100 page mark and love, love, loving this story! I can’t wait to share it with you.

I also have great news for Indelible Love – Emily’s Story. I’m working with Amazon Createspace to publish a physical book! I’ve put this off because I didn’t think I had it in me to take on another project, but I decided yesterday to do it. The story has been sent off to Amazon to be edited by a professional, then they will lay it out for me, and voila – you will be able to have a physical copy for your bookcase. This is super exciting for me as I didn’t think I’d ever get to this point in my life. The editing process takes about a month so as soon as I have more info, I’ll pass it along to you.

I posed a question on my Facebook page as to which teaser you all wanted and I think MJ won out, again. I’m sure you’ve all noticed how happy everyone is on MJ’s blog? Keep thinking happy thoughts when this may not be the case in future blogs… (As I type this, UA requests are coming on strong)

Jane is at a wedding this weekend and this is part of a conversation between her and her three bffs.
“Shit Jane,” Ash was getting impatient. “Just say it. Did you cheat on Max and do the nasty with our favorite older brother? Was Donovan good in bed? He’s so tall and long everywhere, is he as anatomically perfect as we all believe he is?”

If I get a lot done tonight, I might send out one more teaser on FB. 😉


UA Teaser

I’m battling an ugly chest cold but I can’t get myself to just lay still and rest.  I’m in bed with my laptop perched upon my lap desk, writing away.  MJ has been at a standstill since the extra post.  I’m a bit burnt out on that storyline for now, so UA has been taking top priority.  I’m 75 pages in and am IN LOVE with this story.  Though picking my favorite book is like picking a favorite child (and of course we mothers know, each and every child is our favorite), this story may ultimately rise to the top.  Each new character takes on such a life of his or her own, I keep thinking of spin-offs even before my two current stories are finished.

Here’s another look into the world of UA.  Have you figure out the hero and heroine, yet?  All I can say is, they are major players in MJ’s blog, and you will be surprised to find that they will be different than what you know of them, so far.  Keep in mind, MJ’s story is from Jane’s perspective – and we know how (im)partial Jane’s perspective can be towards her friends and family.  Not everything is as it seems, and many other storylines are taking place while Jane is living her own world.  I think I’ve said too much for now.  Enjoy.



The Diamond in My Life

My 10-year-old pitched beautifully all season, but she was exceptional during their undefeated playoff season. Her minor’s softball team is the newly crowned city CHAMPIONS!



To brighten up your Monday

I’m glad you all enjoyed both Mother’s Day blogs. That first one will go down as one of my top three favorite blogs. The extra post I promised you is coming on Thursday, and it’s the longest one, EVER! Because I added it in at the 11th hour, it doesn’t quite fit, chronologically, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

It cracks me up that you are all bracing for trouble. I told you at the beginning of the month that May’s theme is FUN, so relax and enjoy.

It is like 100 degrees in LA right now and I’m headed to a double-header softball game in this heat. Wishing you all a great week. See you Thursday.


Another author spotlight on little ol’ me

Thank you to The Book Avenue who is spotlighting my work and giving away a set of books.  Check it out when you get a chance.  http://www.thebookavenue.com/2013/05/author-spotlight-dw-cee-featuring.html


UA teaser


MJ, Donovan and I will see you all in about 3 hours.


A teaser…anyone?

I know I’ve been dangling a teaser on my FB page for Unlikely Attraction, and that will probably come sometime soon, but I thought you may enjoy an MJ teaser, instead.  Just to shake up your weekend…

After being bug-eyed briefly (ok, he was still hot even with the bug-eyes), he said, “I kissed your cousin Delaney in her hotel room the night she went missing. That’s where she told me that she had no designs on ‘joining my harem’, and that’s also when she told me that I was ‘with one woman physically, thinking about another woman mentally, but didn’t have the guts to truly love a woman, emotionally.'”

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Featuring Fanfreakin’tastic Fantasy for the Fifth month

Drama DONE!  May, from here on out = FUN!  The Reids, Davises, and Taylors (yes, more than one Taylor) will have loads of fun this month.  Who gets racy with our Donovan?  Do we have a pole dancer in our midst?  What really happened in that hotel room back on the Big Island?  Which three are buying a home?  Why do the Davis parents come back in the picture?  Who will be “minding the gap?”  Did Jane’s BFF really encourage her to hook-up with our sexy Donovan Taylor?  Just a few questions raised and answered in this month’s blogs.

May 2 – Did I miss something? (Frighteningly not Fun)
May 6 – Honestly! (Flirty fun)
May 9 – Oh…a hunting he will go… (Future Fun)
May 13 – Happy Mothers’ Day (Familial Fun)
May 16 – All that it’s cracked up to be… (Fortuitous Fun)
May 20 – Mother may I (not be)? (Freak me out Fun?)
May 23 – Introducing James and Elizabeth Reid (Fifty-Fifty Fun – and NO, it has nothing to do with 50 Shades!)
May 27 – Which “gap” do I “mind?” (ipso Facto Fun)
May 30 – Truth or Dare (girlFriend Fun)

Did ya notice the alliteration?  I love it when I sound clever! 😉

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