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Middle-aged mamas go to prom + a teaser

About three times a year, I coordinate a very nice couples’ meal with a group of parents in my son’s (7th grade) class.  I call it Supper Club, and this is a time for us to dress up and have a meal without having to bring the iPads, Kindles, Nintendo DSI’s…well, you get the point.  With some moms from my daughters’ (5th grade) class, we get together seven first Fridays of the month during the school year, and each mom plans dinner and some fun activity for her month.

This Saturday, our kids’ school is having a fundraising gala and we seven middle-aged mamas are acting like it’s 1989 and going to prom again.  We started today with a spray tan gal who came to us to even out our farmers’ tans, and uneven bathing suit lines.  Tomorrow could be eyebrow threading, mani/pedi, or a visit to the hair salon to get out all the grays!  On Saturday, we have a hair gal and a make-up gal coming to one of our homes and we will gather to have lunch, drink wine and get dolled up!!!  We are all thrilled since this is a rare occurrence for any of us.  Normally, we see each other in the pick-up/drop-off line with our hairs in a bun, work out clothes still on (whether or not we got to the gym) and barely any make-up.  This is how we see each other on a daily basis, so we are feeling like Cinderella going to the BALL!

Why do I tell you all this crap about my life when all you want is the teaser??? 😉
1.  I want you to share in my fun.
2.  Because of my unusually weekend, I will go dark on you.  (Yeah, yeah…I know you’re all thinking, “I’ve heard that before…!”)
3.  And since I’ll go dark on you, I want to leave you with a teaser!

Here goes…though sometimes I think it’s worse to get a teaser than to be totally left in the dark. (“Hehehe,” says the evil queen of tease)  Good night and see you all Monday morning.

Right as things were about to get even better, he took away his finger and left me hanging.  But no sooner did the finger leave, another body part stood tall, ready to take its place.  I don’t know when all his clothes had come off, but somehow, like movie magic, he was about to enter my sanctuary when I uttered something that never should be uttered while having sex with a man.  I mentioned another man’s name while in heat.


Back to Reality + Teasers

I’m back from paradise, trying to switch gears from ocean view to gridlock view. (I live in LA, remember?)  It’s weird how quickly reality trumps fantasy.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the Paradise Lost picture on my FB page, but the moment I saw an aerial view of all the glittering lights, I knew I was back to reality.

To get me back to my happy place, I decided to send out a few teasers.  Tomorrow’s post is a bit short and slightly different.  I suppose you could say it’s Jane’s monologue.  It’s called, Hung up on the details.  After this one, you’ll all get what you’ve been looking for (cryptic much?) and then some!  50 Shades of Grey, Sea-foam Goddess, high school sweetheart, a wedding, and three shocking confessions are all a part of the next few weeks’ blogs.  If you think you’ve seen twists and turns…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

As always, I love hearing from you via comments on the blog or via email dw@dwcee.com.  Enjoy tomorrow’s teaser.

02-21-2013 Hung up on the details
You all are probably wondering if we did the deed last weekend up in that cozy log cabin?  Should I leave things hanging?  I’m not one to kiss and tell but…



2-18-2013 A Happy Valentine’s Day! Up on MJ’s page

Sorry but the WordPress timer failed on me again and didn’t email the blog to you automatically. MJ’s blog is up on my website. Please click on link. http://www.dwcee.com/category/book/


I love the #iBookstore!

Aloha (still) from Hawaii,

I’m writing to you on this beautiful day to share more good news. All three of my books have made it into the top 300 in sales list in iBooks USA! Considering Entwined just got published on Thursday (2-14-2013), I’m thrilled. To add to my happiness, USA #iBookstore is featuring not only Indelible Love – Emily’s Story in their Romance under $5, but they picked up Entwined as well.

Thank you Friends, for your help in getting me here.



Entwined + iBooks = Finally Published!

Sorry. One more thing…. After making me sprout at least another dozen gray hairs, Apple pulled through and published Entwined. Thank you #ibookstore!



Aloha from Hawaii

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I wanted to send this picture to all my friends who are under snow, sleet, rain, and frost. Yes, it is sunny and beautiful here. Wish you could all join me. I have Monday’s blog scheduled. I’m crossing my fingers that it will post at its usual time. Aloha!


An early Valentine’s Day present for you

(I know I said I was going dark till Thursday, but…)
With all the love in the air, in life and in art, I thought I’d share my love with you all by sending out another teaser from Unlikely Attraction.  If MJ are front and center in my mind,  these two are practically invading MJ’s personal space.  They are never far behind the current storyline.  Enjoy the teaser.




iBooks Aussie/NZ – You made my Feb!

Fantastic News!  iBooks Australia/NZ has chosen 10 books to spotlight in their Discover a New Author program in the Romance category and yours truly has been chosen!  They are promoting Indelible Love – Jake’s Story for the month of February.  Thank you to the iBookstore for featuring Jake’s story and a big thank you to Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, for helping make this happen.  A few weeks back, I got a personal email from Mark, and I kept checking the From/To box on my iPhone to make sure this wasn’t one of his mass emails.  I actually had a superstar of the literary world emailing me!  Not only did he email me to tell me what was about to happen, but he was also kind enough to personally answer my pouty email when I wondered why it didn’t happen on the promised date.  I’m honored to have been chosen and I want to say thank you to my friends/readers for all your encouragements along the way.  Once again, the picture says it all!

Aus spotlight

FYI – After such an emotionally charged weekend of blogs, I am going dark on you all till Thursday.  If you’re having withdrawals, reread MJ’s blog from day one.  http://www.dwcee.com/books/max-janes-story/


Thank you!

I wanted to thank you all for rising to the challenge and getting 100 likes on my FB page.  It was thrilling to see the numbers go up and I was only half-there at the dinner table last night when my girlfriends and I dined at Maximiliano’s.  How fitting to be sitting at a restaurant named after the hero of my blog 🙂 and waiting to release the his POV that’ll open the book.  As promised, I’ve just finished the blog to be sent out today called Happy Anniversary.  As to whose POV you will be reading…I’ll hold off just a bit longer before the reveal.  It’s in the editing process so give me another hour or so.  I promise it will go out soon.

Thank you again!  I’m honored that you like what I have to say through my characters and consider you all more friends, than fans.  Now to all the unwitting and unwilling husbands, daughters and sons – you may unlike me from your page.  I won’t be hurt…too much. 🙁


Ladies – 2 more likes left

Do what you need to do and get 2 more likes. The blog is waiting for you.

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