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Emily’s Story makes top 100 in iBooks Australia/NZ

Thank you again, to Jodi Pollard, for bringing this to my attention.  Indelible Love – Emily’s Story hit the top 100 in (not the freebie list) but the sales list.  Yay!!!

Aussie iBooks top 100iBooks does not make it easy for indie authors like me to check their status or sales.  Amazon allows us to log into a site where we get real time sales report and ranking.  For iBooks, I see only what you see (in America).  Might I ask my international readers/friends for a favor?  Could you search me or my books and see if you find it on any of the top sales list?  If so, can you take a picture of it from your iPhone or iPad and send it to me via dw@dwcee.com or my Facebook page?  I’d love to know where I stand (if anywhere) around the world.

I know that Entwined is still not up on iBooks.  I have sent queries asking about this issue but have gotten no response.  Gosh, it’s tough being a no-name author.  🙂

PS – MJ’s blog has been smooth sailing so far, which means…bumpy roads ahead.  I can only liken Feb and March blogs to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  We all need a little drama in our lives, right???



1-31 Teaser + something very cool

I wanted to share a cool picture with you. I get a report as to where my followers/readers reside whenever they visit www.dwcee.com. I don’t get any specific info like cities and addresses but I do get this-

I’m always astounded at the number of countries that visit my site. Of course in many of these places it’s probably only a person or two, but to think that little ole me can touch all these places is baffling. The World Wide Web is humongous and reachable at the same time. Just thought I’d share.

Oh, and the teaser…someone gets a marriage proposal on Thursday. See you soon!


Max, Jane, Donovan – Sex

Do I have all of your attention?  I actually have a few housekeeping matters I wanted to let you know about, but anytime you put the word SEX in a title, it tends to get everyone’s attention.

So…SEX!  I’ve read your comments on my website, Facebook, and via email.  I know you are all looking for Jane to put out.  As I emailed Teresa from AZ today, it will happen but it’ll be when you least expect it.  As to where, when and with whom…that info stays between me and my hard drive ;), so keep reading…

Now that I have your attention, I wanted to thank those of you who have written so many phenomenal reviews on Amazon and iBooks on my behalf.  I read all the reviews and nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than when a reader feels my book was worth their time and money.  As I’ve said in the past, every bad review hurts deeply.  There was a stretch where I was afraid to read any of the UK reviews.  I’d gotten four 1* reviews in a row with the word RUBBISH as the headliner.  If you haven’t already, might I ask you to write a generous review for me on the e-book seller of your choice?  To write an Amazon review, please click on the book titles: Indelible Love – Emily’s Story, Indelible Love – Jake’s Story, and Entwined, and it will take you straight to the review site.

On a final note, Emily’s Story will soon be back up to $2.99 on all e-book retailers.  It’s still free in the US but it’s gone back up to regular price in some of the other countries.  As to exactly when, I’m not sure.  So, spread the word and tell your friends to download the book for free while they can.  I think that’s all.  See you one minute past midnight, my time.


Great Buzz Down Under

image_1358903143446232Thank you to Aussie reader, Jodi Pollard for bringing this to my attention.  Apparently I made the Buzz section of iBooks Australia.  To celebrate, here’s another teaser for ya!

“Yes.”  My brother answered.  “Last we left her, Donovan was helping her study for her statistics final.”

“Donovan?”  Why was I a little bit upset that they were together?

“He came by to get Roland to sign some documents and stopped by our place to say hello.  I was helping xxxx with her studies when Donovan popped in so I put him to work.” Jake looked triumphant for some reason.

“What’d you do that for?  xxxx doesn’t like him.”

“Could’ve fooled me.  Emily just called home to check up on the kids and he was still there.  They just finished eating dinner.”  Jake had that smug look I so hated.

Only a few more hours to go till Thursday’s blog!



Whatcha think, Ladies?

Whose Team Are You On?

TEAM MaxTEAM Donovan


What’s on my mind these days

Did you all like the throwback (Circa 1814 Part 2) post?  The first paragraph where Jane talks about her secret obsession with Regency romance is all me.  I love those novels and there was a period where I read almost a novel a day for a good six months – all Regency romance.  I had the good fortune of starting my Regency tour with author Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series and I never looked back.  Of course I read other genres, but during those happy months, Regency was my manna.

Of all the blog I’d written, this one was the hardest.  Even with 100+ Regency novels under my belt, I couldn’t remember any of the terminologies once I started writing.  I had to read another 3 novels (Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series) to get myself back in with the Regency lingo.  For those of you unfamiliar with some of the vocabulary, I hope that didn’t detract from the storyline.  There’s one more Circa 1814 to come on Monday, where you’ll see our Duke, Maximillian Arthur Davis, show off “His Grace” side.

I know many of you are conflicted with our two men.  At this very moment, I love both Max and Donovan equally.  Well…one man actually has an edge but that’d be telling.  I’m into the March blogs right now and I do have a climax and ending planned out in my head for this story, but nothing is written in stone, and it ain’t over till it’s published on the screen.  So…if you like, I’m happy to hear your pleas as to which man should win our Jane’s heart.  But, you gotta be able to back up what you want.

On a different note, I have another idea in my head for my website and wanted your input.  What I do best, I think, is not writing but eating.  LOL!   My knowledge of and experiences with food is extensive.  99% of the restaurants you’ve read about in my writings are from personal experience.  My first choice blog was a food blog but I couldn’t come up with any special way to present my knowledge.  I was thinking of setting up one more blog on my website called “What I’m eating, what I’m reading.”  I do also read a lot and I know when looking for the next book to read, it could be a bit random.  While I’m not an expert at all the latest books, I thought if you’d all write in with what you’re reading as well as eating, this could become a fun dialogue.  What do you think?  This does mean you’ll be receiving 3 blogs from me.  It concerns me that I’ll tire you out with my voice.  I suppose you could just unsubscribe if that’s the case.

These are all the things on my mind, along with the March storyline.  You’ll meet a glamorous new woman in February, and another sweet girl in March.  How do these two women fit into the story?  You’ll have to wait to find out.


Max & Jane in SF, alone, in her bed…my oh my!

An even steamier quote between Max and Jane is up on Google+ and Twitter.  The Google+ version is a bit longer only because it’s hard to tweet 140 characters and say what needs to be said.  Check it out and talk to me.



Donovan and Jane in SF, alone…oh my!

A steamy quote between Donovan and Jane from the next post, is up on Google+ and Twitter.  You don’t want to miss this one!  You can wait till Thursdays (another 59 1/2 hours away) or get it now on Twitter and Google+.  Join in on the fun!



Whichever social media you choose…


I’m sorry to psych you out.  No, it’s not MJ’s blog yet.  Hubby has been hard at work this weekend getting me connected.  (I will have to be very nice to him. ;))

Pick the media of your choice.  Let’s stay connected.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll tweet a teaser from Thursday’s (my favorite) post.




Facebook Page

After hours of trying to figure out how to set up an Author’s page on Facebook, I finally got something up. I really wish I could just write, edit, publish and write, only. The whole concept of social media is overwhelming for me! But, I guess this is the way of the world. In order to reach more people, I gotta do them all – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on…

I’ve added a couple of teasers to my Facebook page to get you all to visit. On my page www.facebook/DWCee, I revealed the title for the next three blogs AND a teaser prologue for the next book.

I’m being quite evasive about this next book because you all know the hero and heroine. You may not know them well, but when the names are revealed, it will not come as a shock to you because they’ve been popping up in MJ’s blog. I think you’ll be happily surprised to find out who they are.


Till Monday…


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