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Hello All!

Hope you’ve rung in the New Year with gusto and are planning for a productive and prosperous new year.  Dec 2012 was a busy month for me as I not only finished and published Entwined, and started Max & Jane’s Story, but I also re-edited and re-published Emily’s Story.  Having been my first, Emily’s Story contained more errors than I would’ve liked in a book, and after reading enough complaints about it, I decided to get it re-edited.  As much as I like my own stories, I’ve read that book probably 50+ times by now.  I can recite a lot of the lines verbatim, if you asked me.  It was hard giving it another read-through after my editor did her magic first.  And yes, I still cried when she broke up with Jake, and I bawled when she went to go see her parents in Texas. (LOL!)

I’ve got a lot on my mind for this year, and I don’t know if it’ll be physically possible, but I’d like to try and accomplish them all.  First and foremost, I’d like to get Max & Jane’s Story done and published in e-book form by the end of Spring, 2013.  I’m almost into February with the storyline, and I’ve been writing every chance I get (just got another blog done today during my son’s golf lesson).  I hope to be ahead of you readers just enough to get it published in a timely manner.  I do read all you have to say in your comments to me and on the reviews.  I know many of you just want to read this in one sitting.  From someone who does the same with all the books I pick up, I feel your pain.  I’m doing my best to publish this book ASAP.  No worries for those of you who aren’t bothered at all with the twice a week update.  The blog will continue (possibly once a week?!? after the book is published?!? and will still be free on my website).  Once that blog is done, I have another one in mind and that will pick up soon after.  Can you all guess who will be the stars of the next blog???  You’ll get a good hint at the end of this month. 😉

I also need to get moving on my other book, Unlikely Attraction.  The story line is in my head and gets developed with every car ride, but I just haven’t had time to put it down on paper.  At some point, I’ll have to divert my attention to those characters rather than Max, Jane, Donovan and Joyce.  I am also in the process of trying to publish all three e-books as an actual, physical book.  That’s another file folder on my computer to be finished.  While this is all occurring, we have a family trip happening to Maui in Feb., and an Asia trip in March/April.  I’ve got to get cracking on all these proposed projects.

For those of you who’ve read the 12/31 and 1/1 blogs, there was a toe-curling kiss Max gave Jane.  I mentioned in one of the comments that I’ve never received one of those Hollywood kisses in my 21 1/2 years of being with my husband.  (Though now that I’ve made this public and thrown down the gauntlet, perhaps he will rise to the challenge?!?)  Readers Jaime and Jodi both commented that they have yet to receive one of those as well.  I’m curious to know what you ladies think about this topic.  How many of you have received this Nicholas Sparks’ movie poster kiss?  Write in and give me a yay or a nay.  I hope to see more yays, but…

Always feel free to send me questions, comments, praise, criticism (though this one, keep it light.  I realized my skin is not so thick with criticism.  Every one, big or small, cuts like a knife).  With that said, hope to hear from you all more often and respond to this kiss question!  Chat again, soon!


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