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Merry Christmas!

I’m posting another Max & Jane blog as my Christmas gift to you.  Yes…there will be three posts this week!  In between getting Entwined up on Amazon and Smashwords, three Christmas music programs, Christmas shopping, card mailing, etc., I cranked out another blog.  Actually, I’m a few weeks ahead of you, but I stopped what I was doing to add one more.  I hope you’ll enjoy seeing a deeper, sweeter and more romantic side to Max.  This was the side that wanted to come out when he was dating Emily but couldn’t (you’ll read in the next blog, why).

I want to thank you all for making my Christmas so special.  I have received so many wonderful emails telling me how touched you were with Entwined.  I wasn’t lying when I stated at the end of the book that I was an utter mess during the writing process.  My husband is the cornerstone of our family and my absolute love.  I would be completely lost without him, as Olivia was when Paul died.  Thank you again, for your generous words to me personally, and on Amazon as a review.

Merry Christmas and I’ll be posting on Monday and Tuesday next week rather than Monday and Thursday.  There’s an off chance we may go see Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, while the kids are on vacation.


Entwined is up on Amazon now!

Hello All,

I am super excited to tell you Entwined has been approved by Kindle Direct Publishing. As of 12/21/2012, you can purchase the book on Amazon as well as Smashwords. iBooks will take a bit longer. Enjoy the read!


It’s coming!



I guess it’s not quite up?

I feel like a total liar. I got word from Smashwords that Jake’s Story was approved and so I assumed the book would be up on iBooks and all the other vendors, immediately. I’ve been checking on iBooks throughout the day and it’s still not in their catalog. AARGH! Here are some options for those of you who are still missing half of the story.

1. Wait a few more days. It should be up very soon.
2. Download the free Kindle app on your iProduct of choice and get the book through Amazon.
3. Go through Smashwords.com and download through there.

I’m really sorry about the wait. I HATE waiting for anything and yet I’ve done the same to you. (Though I’m not sorry about making you wait for Max & Jane’s blog ;)).

I just finished writing another Max and Jane story and I’m deliriously happy with what’s happening between them and all the supporting characters. And, on another happy note, Entwined is more than half way edited. I just need a cover and all should be good.

See you all bright and early on Monday!


It’s up! It’s up! It’s up!!!

Smashwords finally approved Indelible Love – Jake’s Story, which means it will be up on iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader and all the other vendors.  I am in alt because this was a LONG time coming.  For those of you who use iBooks exclusively, you can now read Jake’s Story.

Of course… there are those two minor characters, Max & Jane, whose lives we have been following with mild interest ;-).  I love reading your emails and comments on this blog.  If the moon, sun, and stars can all align, I will try and post a bit more often.  My hope was to post MWF but for now, it can only work, M & Th.  I know, I know… You are dying to hear more.  Here’s a snippet of the next few blogs.  The first is a two-parter (which means the cliff hanger will only be worse/better/greater – depending upon how you categorize it).  Titled, 10 hours, 2 hot dates Part 1 & Part 2  and Unintentional Walk of Shame, you won’t know which man to root for when these three posts are read.  Then we all follow the Reids and a few extra characters to NYC.  Now that I’ve spilled (a lot of) the beans, mums the word till the next post.

Have a great day, everyone!


Jake’s Story on iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader

I have been trying for a month to get Jake’s Story up on every e-reader, not Kindle, but it’s been a challenge.  Smashwords is the company who distributes to all the other vendors and they keep rejecting my book because of formatting errors, they say.  Last night and all today, I deleted every format for this story and pretty much started with a blank story – meaning, I needed to re: line-space, paragraph, indent, adjust font size… I think you get the point?  Even after a million edits and one professional edit, it’s amazing how I still found mistakes in the book.  There were conversations that began with a quote but didn’t end with a quote.  There were many commas left out.  I can see why legit publishing houses put a book through 5-7 different editors.

I also had the pleasure of having to clean out my refrigerator tonight, after a mound of dinner dishes were done, because a fresh mozzarella cheese tub somehow had a leak on the bottom and the rancid smell went everywhere.  I had to throw away every bag of veggies and fruit and clean out every tray and bin.  Aargh!

I tell you all this to get you ready for the bad news.  Entwined has not seen a computer screen since last week.  Edits have been halted and my gal who designs the book covers (who was out of the country till now), doesn’t think she can get a cover done before Christmas.  BUT – the good news!  I have several blogs written and am so excited with where this story is going.  Wait till you meet Donovan!  He’ll make his debut on Thursday.  I think I’m more excited to reveal the storyline than you are to read it.  Hope you all have a good rest of the night.  Till we meet again in Max & Jane’s world on Thursday.


I’m Back!

After an amazing trip to NYC, I am back to reality.  It’s almost 2:00am PST and I’m sitting here wondering what I’ll make for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow (or I guess it’s today).  Oh the mundane affairs of life. 🙂  I’ve thought through a good portion of Max & Jane’s story while I was away and you’ll see glimpses of my trip through the Dec. blogs.  Which means… yes, the whole Reid family will descend upon New York along with a few extra friends.

I’ll be posting every Mondays and Thursdays.  I love reading your comments about the blog, so keep them coming.  I’m thinking when this is all done, you may wonder whom you love more – Max or Jake.


Ok… the blog is up!

Trying to leave the kids (my first job) and the restaurants (my second, but paid, job) for 4 days is not an easy feat.  Kids’ schedule for the sitter – check; prepared meals – check; get all business matters taken care of – check; put up my blog – CHECK!  It’s done.  I’m super happy about it and I think you all will love it.  This blog is a bit meatier than most blogs.  I liken it to an urban vignette.  Maybe that’s putting my writing on a higher level than it really is.  Whatever the case, please let me know what you think.

P.S.  I didn’t finish editing Entwined before my trip.  I hope to have it up on Amazon by Sat 12/15 (fingers crossed).  iBooks takes much longer so I’m not sure when it will be up over there.  They have yet to approve Jake’s story.


Intro to Max & Jane’s Story

Max & Jane’s Story is done and now published as e-books in two volumes. You can find them at any e-retailer of your choice. I thank you for joining me in the Monday / Thursday blogs that brought so much joy to my writing. Though their story is over, I hope you’ll stay to listen to what happens between our new hero and heroine in Unlikely Attraction. Stay tuned for those weekly diary posts, and for a new blog that should begin around December.

For a glimpse into Max & Jane’s world, please hop over to the Books page on this website and click on Max & Jane Vol. 1.


Woo-hoo! Entwined is up

I’ve been calling my third book, Olivia, because I couldn’t think of any other title up until I was at church today.  Yes, I strayed from my pastor’s message (briefly) and thought about my book, instead.  The third book will be called Entwined, because it is a story about all the complicated relationships in life, and I have posted a few chapters of this story, in the Books page of my website.  I hope to finish editing before I leave for my trip, but that to do list before NYC is ever growing.  Enjoy the read and let me know what you think.

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