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Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here. There is so much I want to share with you, and now I finally have a stage where it can be done.  My website contains the usual – bio, contact info, FAQ, etc., along with info on my books, a bookstore, and two blogs.

DW’s blog is just me giving you info on what’s happening in my world.  Sometimes it’s more of the humdrum, and other times, it might be a juicy teaser to my upcoming book. The other blog will be a story based around the characters Nick Reid and Bee Taylor. If you’re here visiting me, you should already know something about a Reid, a Taylor, and/or a Reid-Taylor union. I wrote Max & Jane’s Blog back in Dec. 2012 and it was such a huge hit and such interactive fun, I thought I may try it again. Click on the Nick & Bee page and learn all about this free story I’m giving away.

Feel free to click away and get acquainted with my world! As always, email me at dw@dwcee.com with any questions. My “Reiders” will attest that I always email back.

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